Kentucky Hoop Happenings

Hoopnotica Teacher Training

Hoopnotica is coming to Kentucky for the very first time!  On May 19th-20th, there will be Hoopnotica Fit and Flow level 1 trainings.  This is a fantastic experience for everyone!  It may be closer to your region than  most trainings.    If you know a personal trainer that needs AFAA CEUs, this will be a great program for them.  If you are traveling from another state and need help, I can help you figure out places to stay and all that fun stuff.

Funding the movie, The Hooping Life

We are hoping to bring the movie, The Hooping Life to Kentucky!  We have to fund raise $500 for this to happen, hopefully the same weekend as the Hoopnotica Training.  The plans so far are to show the movie after day one of the Hoopnotica training.  During the movie, we'll be raffling off movie merchandise, hoops, minis, twins, sock poi and more!  There might even be an LED hoop and polypros raffled!  This is an amazing opportunity but we need your help to make it happen!

How can you help?  Donate anything you can to this movie fundraising effort! If you donate $20, you are guaranteed movie merchandise and a ticket to the showing (if we don't show it for free).  We'll take anything you can afford.  If you don't want to use paypal, email me at and I will figure out alternate means.

Would you like to donate?  Paypal your donation to