1 Hour Sleep in 48 Hours

Let me tell you a bit about me:  I work as a CNA at a nursing home.  I also work a part time job at a church child care.  Did I mention my CNA job has mandatory overtime? Yeah. This month, I'm doing 30/30. Okay cool.  Then, bam! I decided that I wanted to take a phelbotomy class.  Mondays and Wednesdays.  I guess that's cool.  Oh except yesterday I was up till one messing with my broken car.  Did I mention that I have to leave my house at 4:30 to get to my class?  I have gotten one hour of sleep in the last 48 hours.  I'm tired but 30/30 must go on!  So, what did I do?

First of all, hooping peps me up.  So I hooped before class. Although I don't think I counted that in my 30/30.  I came home, got dressed early and waited for my ride.  10 minutes into my 30/30. Then I started to play with my minis.  I really lose time when I play with those.  Not that I can do fun, cool things.  My friend called and I ran out.  I didn't stop my clock.  So I don't know how long I was hooping. Therefore, I assumed 15 minutes. I took my troo hoop with me and hooped at breaks.  It perked me up. I had 8 minutes left.  Last break, hooooop hooop hooop. DONE! Now finish work and come home.  I'm tired. I'm exhausted.  Yet I am missing my 30 minutes directly after work.  Although I am still too tired at this point to pick up the hoop.  I'm going to bed after this charmed.

 But I really can't hoop in my scrubs with my troo hoop. I'm half tempted to take my extra piping and make a hoop just for work.  I would just keep it there in the exercise room.  If someone steals it, who cares?  I wouldn't be using expensive gaffer on it. Also, it would prevent those black scuffs.

 Hoop Path 5 plans are going well.  I have 3 friends wanting to go! Scooore. That means rooms will be around $90 for four days.  That helps with gas too! Yay! Although 4 people's multiple hoops in my mom's car will be pretty bad.  I think I'll make two or so collapsible for myself.  I'm making Laurie a hoop this weekend that will be infinity style too.  My husband isn't so positive about it.  Maybe I am being selfish.  He says he'd love to go to gaming conventions but he doesn't get to.  He has not mentioned it.  After we went to Origins, he said how it wasn't like it used to be.  I thought that was his way of dismissing them because he's never mentioned it before now.  I don't know.  Ugh.  I really want to go.  I want to take my hooping to a new level, meet other hoopers, and just have fun!  And have a mini vacation!  I mean it's not like I am spending all my money on it.  Splitting it by four makes it so much cheaper than it would have been.  :( 

I'm conflicted.  It gets to the point where I start throwing a little tantrums in my head saying I work two jobs, I work hard, I can't even do one thing for me. Yes it's a big thing but ugh!  I mean I will be paying for 75% of our one year anniversary vacation.  Can't I have one thing for me?  Don't I deserve something like this?  I haven't even been able to go to 4-H camp in years because I have to work a real job.  :(  I miss going to camp.  Can't this be my own little version of 4-H camp with hoops and no campers?

So yeah, that's my hoop world right now.


  1. uhm, GO YOU - what determination for 30/30! That's rad. So sorry that HP plans are causing a problem, though I think it is a GREAT opportunity and it's only one event out of quite a few that you are actually able to get to -
    Good luck!! Im sure you guys will work it all out :)
    ps. YES make a hoop for work!

  2. Do what I do with my husband. I wiggle up to him and sweetly bargain ;) If I can spend ____ amount of dollars on hoop related things, then I let him know he can spend that same amount on whatever he wants, which is most likely books or tech stuff. And then I go all, "pleeeeeease :) :) :) Just THINK what YOU could buy if I can go to this...! Pleeeeasseee :) :) :)" haha, or whatever. He usually laughs at me, says yes, and then proceeds to line up his next order of books. ;)

  3. I might sponser paying for him to go to GenCon. Although did you know that GenCon, all four days, without lodging, is more expensive than Hoop Path. I will agree to only paying for 2 days at Gen con and overnight stay for him. He pays for food and gas. He and his best friend can make it a trip. Or whatever. I will figure it out more tomorrow or this weekend. I don't really want to go to GenCon with him.

    The thing is he spent a good portion of the tax refund minus paying certain bills on building a brand new war gaming army. One box alone is $60. That's why I stopped feeling bad for purchasing my LED. I mean did I get the $200 for "spare cash and buying new work scrubs?" Nope.


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