30/30-Day 5

I really am getting better at hooping. Once I got the bigger hoop (which I made with duct tape and hockey tape), I started to experiment with doing side stance instead of my crooked front stance. I've been working and working on this. I've been doing the 30/30 since March 1. I mainly been practicing waist hooping. Although when I get bored, I start hand hooping or isolation work.

On day 2, I could hoop for six minutes straight. That was amazing since last Saturday I could only hoop for 1 minute on my waist. That was a very hard minute, too. Today, Day 5, I was able to keep the hoop up for 16 minutes without dropping it. That's improvement. After that I started to practice corkscrews. I can't keep the hoop spinning pretty in the corkscrew because my hoop is heavy. I've been able to corkscrew up with other hoops (as long as I start it before it falls with the thinner hoops) but never corkscrew down. I tried it. I made sure when I went up, I kept the motion. I tried down. There it goes. I did it. I didn't do it once. I did it twice. I did it a few more times and dropped it. I did it successfully going up and down and up and down and up and drop. By that time, it was 29:38 and I just kept hooping until it fell again. And you know what else I did? I started to do front position without going diagonal and succeeded for a minute. I was also illegally hula hooping in the house with my husband in the other room. No huge clunks or almost killing the LCD TV to wake up hubby.

Most things come easily to me. Sports...nope. Playing my flute in middle school? Never wanted to practice. This hooping thing is the only thing that I really had to work on to improve. This can be hard but I am doing it. Slowly but surely I've gotten the hand of this. I'll post another video soon.

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  1. This is a really inspiring post :) I hope you keep up with blogging your journey - I look forward to seeing your continued progress! Sometimes the hoop is sooo frustrating. I know I have definitely gotten angry trying to learn some things and threw them down, storming out the room, haha. But we always come back to it, don't we ;)


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