30/30: Taking my Hooping Further?

Today I was hooping in the park for 30/30.  I've been trying to transition between the things I can do and waist hoop. The hoop kept falling or I couldn't get anything fluid.  Maybe I need to spend part of my 30/30 focusing on specific things for each 30 minutes plus focusing on just waist hooping with my flamer hoop.  I haven't the last few days and maybe that is why I was having more difficulty other than the wind with waist hooping.  How do you make it look more like dancing when you can barely keep the hoop up? I can't dance with my flamer cause...well, it feels dangerous off my waist.

Going to my car, I was stopped by some kids from my old high school, he asked to use my hoop.  I let him use my troo hoop.  He asked if I knew who he was.  I said. no.  He told me but I still have no clue who he was.  He hooped for a minute.  The fellow jumped through the hoop asking if I am one of those hoop people.  I think he meant hoop dance.  So I said, "Yeah.  Or I'm trying to be."

When I got home, I was locked out.  So I hooped with my eyes closed while waiting for my husband to come home.  At that point, I was pretty wiped from earlier and didn't sustain for long.  At that time before other things came up, I was half tempted to dig for fabric and whip out the old sewing machine.

I still love hooping.  Don't get me wrong.  But I just feel so limited in what I know or so jagged in my technique.  Maybe I've been watching too much hooper videos.  I just went through all of the other entries on hooping.org's Hoop Camp Spirit Dance.  I can't do very much in the hoop and I feel like I can't dance with my hoop. I can't sit here and go, 'now waist hoop, shannon!'  It sometimes happens when I'm trying to recover the hoop in waist hooping.  I just feel like I don't know where else to go.  That's one of the reasons I joined SaFire's Seeding 1.   Maybe then I can really focus on basics and get going somewhere.  I'm not sure.  I'm half tempted if I could make a 160 psi hoop heavier than my troo hoop.  Although I don't see how.  Surely it's the same?  Would hooping blindfolded help?  I hear that helps something but I'm not sure.  I'm just lost.  Or maybe that's what I think.  Cause the people who can't do what I do, think I'm amazing.

Spirit Dance Contest is over.  Now, the waiting begins.  I'm so nervous and anxious.  Yesterday, I had such a good feeling about it.  Now, not so much but the more I talked with my friend about it, the more hopeful I came with it.  She might be biased, but she liked my video better, especially after I read to her the prompt.  Other than that, we talked about hooping about 75% of the time.  I showed her the things that she can do while she is recovering from bruises from hooping.  She knew most those moves but forgot them.  I showed her videos, like Gotta Hoop, Georgia (Lara Eastborne's entry to Curvy Hooper contest), and Baxter hooping blindfolded.  Her mom liked the hoop I gave her.  She was expecting a Walmart hoop. Haha.

So yeah, anyone have any ideas?  I promise I won't give up on hooping.  Especially with 30/30.  Although I didn't have time due to guests at home to post till 12:35.  Do you think they will still count it? I promise I did hoop for 38 minutes at 5:00pm and then get locked out!

<3   Shannon  <3