About to Loose a Hooping Space...

Okay, so as you may know, I have another job.  This job is to help the kids in the Sunday School.  It's held in a gym.  We are moving to a building in a week.  Next week will be my last day in the gym.  I love having that huge space.  I get there 10-20 minutes early to hoop.  I bring tons of hoops.  One girl grabbed a hoop, found me preparing for class.  Stood there quietly with the hoop till I finally got up and told her more tricks.  Today, I was just spinning around and around with my hoop.  It was exhilarating and fun to just make that movements.   It really brought up my heartrate. I think I've slacked on my technique for knee hooping.  It seems sloppy.  I need to work on that.

Also, what tricks would you share with 5-6 year old?   She is so greedy for knowledge but I'm running out of ideas.  Somethings are too hard for that age group.

Also, my husband has clarified that he just doesn't want to see me hoop inside.  Yet the time I asked him to watch, I was hooping outside.  Maybe he had just said that so he wouldn't have to get dressed.  Eh, either way, I'm going to get better and he'll see how awesome I am!

I am hoping to have a hoop jam next Sunday.  I don't know how many hoops I will need just in case.  I have at least 4 extra hoops.  Yet I won't really know till I get the weather forecast for Sunday.  Also, I'm hoping nothing will come up.  Unfortunately, accuweather is already saying rain.  Hope for no rain!  A week things can change, right? I want a hoop jam!  I want to spread hoop love.

So, speaking of spreading hoop love.  I had a crazy idea.  Just to bring awareness to hoops, one could walk or hand hoop a 5k or something like Relay for Life?  One of the 5ks around here, they dress up and do all sorts of silly things.  I could totally walk while hand hooping or doing some basic waist hooping (hopefully by then I would be better than I am now).  Is that just silly or what?



  1. YES hoop the 5k! I know people have done it before! It's silly - yeah, but also awesome!

  2. Good! At least I'm not crazy! I just want to bring awareness to the hoop and all the cool things. Although the 5k I'm thinking about can be cold, so I'll have to dress warm but not super bulky. Hopefully by then I can really waist hoop for a bit.

  3. Check out Hooprama in Nahsville. They have hoop for hope and hoop a half marathon every year.


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