I've had exactly 8 hours of sleep and I'm not sleeping anymore.  I work my 12 hour at work today.  Now, why am I awake?  I woke to text my friends and tell them I didn't win.  I'm bummed.  I guess my video wasn't what they were looking for. The only thing that annoys me is when the contest was first posted, I asked specifically if it had to be 3 minutes exactly or a bit over/under.  They said 3 minutes or less.  Then the next week it was changed to "approximately."  I now don't like that word.  The person who won had a video that was 3 minutes and 14 seconds long.  It just burns me up because I followed the directions.  The directions said at first 3 minutes or less. :( I really wanted to go to Hoop Camp.  I'm just bummed.  I guess I should go hoop now.  I'm thinking maybe the inner self esteem is just afraid that it's because of my lack of skills.  Although when I talk to my friends, they are like, "No! the point of camp is getting better! etc"

This is the one time that my husband is right.  He was telling me a story where he almost one a contest when they extended the deadline so that one person could enter.  That person was a professional miniature builder and beat John. :(



  1. That sucks :( I get bummed about that stuff too. I felt so immature on Monday when I saw the hoop idol post and the entries that were late due to audio problems were still up for voting. I was like, "are you kidding me? I worked my ass off to get my video in on time, and someone posted the day AFTER and it's okay? Especially after you specifically warned to be proactive and post early to avoid technical issues?" It was so petty of me to feel upset, because it's just a contest, and if any of us go through to the next round, it's because of our hooping, and I'm sure they worked super hard on their entries as well. I was just feeling insecure with my own video after seeing all the awesome ones.

    I got over it soon enough, because I started to look at it as though none of us deserve to be in the contest anyway. It is very gracious of to hold contests with prizes such as these, and just being able to participate is a privilege in itself to learn from and grow. It still has that initial "sting" though. We are our own #1 defenders, and will probably happen every time, haha :)


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