Hoop Disaster

This was my first try at collapsible. I was using 1 inch piping.  When I first made it, I collapsed when it was still hot and messed up the piping.  It's taped with duct tape.  I really hate duct tape on hoops.  When I remade it with intentions to go to work, it snapped.  So I did this and took tape with me to work.  At work, I popped it in and taped it off.  It still looks misshapen and awful.  Although it's good to have a hoop just ready for me to hoop with at work.  I used duct tape because I didn't want to gaff a hoop and it get stolen/thrown away.  I might make an extra 160 3/4 hoop to take to work but use vinyl with a note attached saying, "Use me. I'm a hula hoop!"