It Really is All About the Muscle Memory!

Still think you can't hoop? Think you'll never be able to go down to a nice "dance" weight?

I bought a troo hoop two weeks ago. I ordered the pocket sport. At the same time I bought a Lighted Lifestyle LED hoop. It arrived last week. I tried it a few times and it seemed like I was keeping it up. I tell you what, when I hoop, it feels like forever when it's been 30 seconds. I finally taped it but never really used it. I love my Flamer too much. Well, I tried it today. And BAM! I could do it. Not for very long but enough that I know I was truly making it happen. It is all about muscle memory and practice. Think you can't do it? Think again! I believe in you!

Want proof? I got it!

I was playing with it while recording a lovely, rambling review of Troo Hoops. That will be posted soon.