Music Suggestions...

So, thanks to CircularPraise, I found a group I LOVE.  They are perfect. *puppy dog eyes*  I say that with high regards cause I don't tend to LOOOOOVE music sans words.  It's like a gypsy caravan met with a carnival joined forces and found electricity.  If that makes sense.  This group is called Beats Antique.  I'm pretty sure I will be playing this band at my wedding reception.

How did I start enjoying this band? Free download! YAY!

beats antique


PS! 30/30 is OVER officially today! Yay!


  1. YAYY you made it! Congrats on finishing the 30/30 :D

    And I like Beats Antique as well :) great choice.

  2. I adore Beats Atique. I think I was introduced by Sara from Walk Slowly Live Wildly.

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