New Hoop to Pass Hoop Love

My friend wanted a heavier hoop instead of a 100 psi that my friend had made her in the first place.  160 psi for a 5'4" person or whatever height she is.  Since it's March Madness, she wanted a UK hoop.  You can see my friend in my Hoop Camp Spirit Dance video.  Do you know anyone with Lap Band that hoops?  She's used my hoopnotica hoop and at times it hurts her band.  Hopefully this will be a good size for her to hoop with without hurting her band.



  1. hmmm wow that is interesting that the hoopnotica hoop hurt her band. Sometimes I can find them to be harsh in general - they seem heavier than the normal 160 psi home made hoops. Hopefully the new one is just right :)

  2. I hope so. This would be her second hoop (a mutual friend of mine took the one she didn't like). I taught her how to hoop and she's super anxious to be able to do it!


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