Of Contact Juggling and Hoops...

A few months ago, I had pneumonia.  Having pneumonia can prevent one sleeping because you are trying to cough out your lungs.  So what do you do all night and day when you are coughing up blood? You watch the internet!

You click on something which leads you to another thing which leads you to google something else and then BAM! You are at an entirely new location!  One of those times, I found the fushigi ball.  I researched it thought contact juggling was really cool.   It's like the Labyrinth!  THAT IS SO FREAKING COOL. I wanted to do it.  I would have ordered some stuff if I hadn't just spent $200 on doctor bills and medicine.  I pushed it out of my mind because it seemed more silly and something that my husband would deem childish.

A few months later, I re-found hooping and really saw the awesome possibilities with hooping.  The times I had tried to hoop before I never knew that there was hoopdancing other than what I saw in the hoopdance video from Betty Hoops.  Hoops are exercise and that's why it'd be more acceptable. And now I'm totally hooked on the idea of learning contact juggling sometime when I feel like my hoop fund can go towards a contact juggling fund.  Especially since I could share it with my nephew who loves his fushigi ball.

I'm pretty sure he thinks hooping is silly.  I can't really change that.  He wouldn't let me show him a youtube video about it.  I think if I keep hooping it up, one day, he'll get that it's not a "Shannon-fad."  When we go on our one year vacation, I fully intend to take my hoops.  I'm hoping we'll hike and I can hoop on top of the mountain. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!  I won't give up just because he disproves.  Basically, no one except for my close friends and random strangers at the park has seen me hoop.  No one I know close has seen it.  I can't share my youtube videos because it shows illegal house hooping.

I'm currently thinking about buying the Hoop Path DVD.



  1. it's not a phase. he'll see ;P

  2. Hoop Path is a terrific way open up your hooping experience. Another great DVD is Hoop Technique from Rich and Spiral. Either way, keep hooping and your nephew will come around.


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