Some Things About Hooping..

I've learned a few things and this is what I've got:

1.  Most scrubs are unsuitable for hooping.
When they say natural fibers, they mean it.  Even if it's 30-55% cotton, if it has a mark of man-made, it doesn't work.  So please listen to the experts. It won't work.  Or it will be very difficult.

2.  A diaper does not work like a hoop.
Okay, so this may seem weird.  I'm a nurse aide.  One day an unopened brief fell onto my foot.  You know that trick where you pick the hoop up with your foot.  It kinda helps make the hoop falling not seem as sucky.  Well, I thought I would be able to pick the brief up like I do my hoop.  Uh, it doesn't work.

3.  Purses can make excellent hoops in an emergency.
Or at least I've found that when I have a purse in my hand now, I hand hoop with it.  My husband even told me one day, "Stop playing!"  
I retorted, "I am not playing!  I'm about to put stuff in this purse!"
"No, you're hooping!"
"Hmph!" *storm off* 

4.  Hooping, or perhaps hoop camps, doesn't bode well with my husband.
Maybe this is a communication failure on my part.  Or maybe he is jealous of me having these opportunities.  Or maybe he just doesn't get hooping is very much like war gaming is to him.  He's not a traveler.  He's a homebody and he hates the state of California.  Either way, he's just an old curmudgeon.  Or maybe he thinks that going to a far off place just to hula hoop is ridiculous.  He has no interest in watching me.  He keeps saying, "I'll  wait till your better."  Or maybe anything that takes me away from him cause he doesn't trust anyone.

Shannon; hooping: John; Wargamming.

5.  I'm really nervous about the Hoop Camp Contest.
When I posted it, I had a good feeling about it.  Now, I'm nervous like all get out.   I ask my friends and they like mine better.  They are a bit biased though.  I really would love to go.  It would be flippin' amazing!  I really, really want to go.  I have amazing camp spirit because I'm a 4-Her!  I am totally up for going to camp.  Did I say I would love to go? 



  1. " He has not interest in watching me. He keeps saying, "I'll wait till your better." "

    Awww!!! That's really sad :(

  2. I know. :( I'm pretty sure he'd be very pleased if I stopped hooping so that there wouldn't be any hoops or talk of hoop retreats anymore. Maybe he just thinks this is a fade number one and I don't think he thinks it's anything other than waist hooping.

    And that is why I am so interested in going to a hoop retreat! So I can be around like minded people.

  3. I can't wait for the day he sees you hooping, and you blow him away and prove him wrong :)

  4. I know! He can't hide from it for too long! I totally plan on taking my troo hoop with me when we have are one year anniversary vacation. I just hope that by then I will be able to hoop better with my troo hoop by then.


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