Some Wise Words....

If you are an early morning hoopcity-er, you might see Noora  or here.  She's super duper nice and made it to 80s week on Hoop Idol.  I talk to her a lot and today she said a whole bunch of wise words.

About "smearing:"
-The easiest way to start is sitting on the floor legs crossed for example. Sit inside the hoop. Then think of a rolling coin, or a hoop why not?! :-D You know what I mean?
So do that move on the floor and when you get the move stand up and do it in the air
try to keep the hoop rolling evenly. When you can do it slowly you can lift it more upwards so it rolls around your body from front to back creating a circle around the top of your bum and around your pant line. Wow that's a hard one to explain by words

You may not understand it but I do after seeing a video and all. Trying to teach hoop techniques can be hard just using words of a foreign language, I'm sure!

About hooping in the early stages:

(this is what I'm going write home about)
-You've been hooping for such a short time so no worries! :-) It'll come before you know it! 
I hope I would've practised more dancing and moving my arms while waist hooping in the beginning of my journey.. :/ I was all about the tricks and now I still feel lost with waist hooping after over a year
So now I tell my students to MOVEMOVEMOVE but everyone always wants to learn the tricks! :-D And you can't do much with tricks if you can't move with the hoop. But that's just my opinion
Do anything :-) It doesn't matter just move them around
Doesn't matter how silly it looks, the most important thing is to move them a lot so you'll get used to it. Later they'll be smoother and prettier and flowing beautifully! 
Yeah :-) Baxter told us to move our hands the same way we would move them if we were working. So for example I work in a cafe, so I would pour coffee and make sandwiches etc :-D
It looks really funny but it works :-)
Yeah you should :-) It's a lot of fun! But anyway, whatever you do, forget the t-rex arms! ;-)

So, yes, I will start practice moving my arms while changing an imaginary diaper. Whoooooooo!  And I learned something new while she did, too.  I taught her the word "hardships."

*now I continue to wait for the blog update.*



  1. "And you can't do much with tricks if you can't move with the hoop. But that's just my opinion"

    This is so true. I have awful/no transitions between "tricks" because I find it hard to move in the hoop and actually dance with it. I wish someone had pointed this out to me when I first started, and I would have paid more attention to what my body was doing while the other part of me was doing the trick.

  2. I just wish I could actually dance with the hoop. I guess it all comes with time.

  3. Shannon! :D How sweet! I didn't even know about your blog and now that I just happened to see your FB-link about your Biggest Loser-text and started reading and I saw my name!!! :D Hahahaaa this is so sweet, it's been so long, almost a year but I still remember our conversation! So happy I could help you, I'm very touched! :') <3

  4. Did you ever see the video I made about smearing that I mention you in? Almost a year in a month! Been hooping 11 months this month. Wowies!


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