Troo Hoop Review!

Here is my video on it:

The Hoop:

This is the hoop.  Although I bought the DIY option.  I figured since I had ordered so much tape that this made buying the hoop "okay." Actually any hoop is okay but in case the husband was to ask!  I got the pocket.  It came with a paper about their hoops, a troo hoop sticker, and the hoop. Der.  Taking it apart is actually quite easy.  No broken nails here unlike the hoopnotice hoop.  It comes in various sizes.  It's stable unlike my old Gaiam hoop.  I got the 42" hoop.  I'll have to see if I can hoop with my hoopnotica hoop.  Since I can hoop with this one cause I think that's how big Hoopnotica is. Hmm.  Also it does not rattle.  It doesn't click.  It's perfect.  If you want a collapsible, troo hoops is the place to go!