We're All Naked Around Here

We're just hanging around all naked with no pants or tape on. We're just letting it all hang out.

If you make hoops, these might help:

They help me grip the hoops to push them together.  Yay!  Almost no gaps now!  I got a three pack from Dollar Tree to open something but I couldn't remember what.  Either way, now they are being useful!

Yesterday, I went to phelbotomy class.  After the 30 minute ride of me talking about hooping, I mentioned that video.  Well, when we were in line to pay, my friend wanted to see the video.  She kept explaining, "You go, girl!  Wow!  How can you do that?"  I told her I had a hoop in the car and could show her.  We had thirty minutes to spare.  We went back to my car and I pulled out my 100 psi.  I showed her knee hooping, waist hooping, figure 8, and more.  I offered to let her take a go but she refused.  I lost the hoop at one point and had to chase it again.  That's where it fell right before it almost fell off the side of a hill. 

Today I got my link for Safire's Seeding One.  I'll tell you what I think of it after I really go through it.  I also think that I might need to replace my mp3 player soon.  It doesn't seem to want to charge. :(