I Told You I Didn't Quit Hooping...

I made a hoop for my niece.  She loved it although she was too busy to really try it out.  I'm not sure if it was a hit or miss yet.

I took my troo hoop and played for a bit.  I can chest hoop with my troo hoop. Although I have to spin for it but I have to spin with my troo hoop more often anyways no matter what.  John's mom complimented me.  He still didn't really watch me nor care. Well, he's in for a rude awakening for when we have 4th of July and all that.  Totally taking the hoop with me.  Basically from now on, if it's outside, the hoop comes with!  Even when we go to Pigeon Forge, we're going to go hiking.  I'll take my troohoop and I'm going to hoop on the mountain.  He doesn't like that idea so far. :p

I think I heard John's sister and her friend talking about my hooping but I was trying to hoop more than eavesdrop.  Yes, I missed a hoop love spreading opportunity, but I wanted to hoop more.  On the way home, John said, "Why didn't you go to the backyard to do that?"  I never thought of it as an option.  Personally, I don't care.  I didn't hit any cars. Only a tree.

Do you know what I did while I was watching the brand new HoopPath DVD that I finally got yesterday? I reversed and....hooped to the left.  I figured if I could just reverse the dang hoop while already going with my good current, then I should be able to do left.  It's all about teaching my body that it's not a different move.  It's all the same. If you can do it on the right, you can do it on the left.  Now, it's rocky.  Very rocky.  When I hoop right, I, unless I move, don't hit things.  But even with moving the table, I was still hitting stuff.  I guess that means the spin is wobbly and uneven.

Also, there will be HoopPath DVD and Betty Hoops DVD reviews soon.  I think Hoop Path DVD could be useful to most people.  There are some exercises it walks you through while holding one foot up. It's hard!  Although if anything, I think anyone can benefit from the Betty Hoops DVD, no matter the level.

My non hooping life:
So my illness from hell never came to fruition but I think I gave myself food poisoning today.  This is why I shouldn't be allowed to cook.  I don't know.  For the first time in a year (since I had rhonovirus from work) that I've been kneeling in front of the porcelain throne (although that doesn't count my bachlorette party cause I was too inebriated to even remember if I lost everything).  Either way, it sucks and I haven't done anything all night other than play stumbleupon.  I had a pile of hoops that needed to be at least stuck together.  I don't feel like throwing them in the back room, so I've thrown them in the corner.  I didn't get to sew either. :(

Last week wound up being a 55 hour work week cause I was mandatoried at work.  All last week I did 8 hours voluntary and then they had to force me to stay on my last day of the week.

All last week, I was doing more sewing than  hooping.  I made a blindfold for my hooping.  I'll show a picture later.  I've been sewing pads for girls in Africa.  This is the orginization I'm sewing for.  Although there are tons more that accept donations.

Everyone in my life is pregnant it seems and having babies.  John doesn't really want to talk about the baby conversation.  Maybe the baby bug is about to hit again. I mean I did just spend a portion of my night looking at cloth diapers. I can't even explain why other than just comparing and pricing it in my head for future use.  John just tells me "let God handle it."  What John doesn't understand is that I'm slightly half afraid we'll have troubles conceiving, so I'd rather start at least trying now, just in case.

Although John and I had a good conversation this week about my reception.  My expectations for it have been higher than what it is turning out to be.  John said that he doesn't have to be like a real reception.  So either way, it's just going to be a kickass party.  Either way, as long as it doesn't rain, there will be hula hoops, carnival games, bubbles, and more.  I think it will still be good.  The hula hoop idea was something I thought of even before I could hoop.  Now that I can hoop, awesome-sauce!  If I was amazing, I would have done a sort of first dance minus John (he doesn't dance) with my hoop.  But I'm just a fledgling.

I know that we shouldn't view hooping as a competition but it's hard sometimes.  That's what I loved about something Baxter said in the DVD.  The present me, weight, hair, abilities, etc was hooping now.  Not a skinnier me.  Not a fatter me.  Me as is.

I tried contact juggling while I was at my sister in laws.  It's harder than it looks!  Or the fushigi ball my nephew has is subpar for learning.  I'm also going to try to coupon clip more to save money (more money for hooping expenses?)

My head hurts. I think I'll go to bed.  I've been trying to write this blog post all night.