Obsession Transgressions

Let me tell you a secret:  I get very fangirl-ish over things in my life.  It used to be knitting.  I still knit just not a lot.  It's hard with a job to know you have to do something for months at a time before you can use it.  And I felt stagnant.  When I'm in my fangirl stage, that's all I talk about.  At the moment, I have two obsessions: hooping and reusable menstrual products. Yes, I said that.  I suggest to stop reading now if you don't like that.

 Now, on facebook, I will share a lot of articles, blog posts, videos about hooping oooor cloth pads/cups.  I also "like" hoop things and cloth companies.  I don't like to complain about my husband on there nor having silly statuses like, "going to taco bell."  I have had some compliments on my hooping posts.  This one man says that my hooping posts entertain him.

Yesterday, I got a message saying something like this: (I can't exactly remember what. When I feel embarrassed/in trouble, I get tunnel vision and only read/hear parts.) "Shannon, lately whenever I log into facebook, all I see from you is posts about hula hoops and your period.  And you know what, I'm kinda getting sick of it. *stares at you*"

First, I never post about my personal period, that I know of unless it's something like, "They are worth switching to, trust me!"  But usually I just say, "green your period, look what winds up in the ocean, switch to cloth, etc."  Also, by using stumbleupon frequently lately, I've posted awesome things lately other than pads or hooping.

Secondly, what is wrong with hula hoops?  What is wrong with having a passion or two in your life?  Sorry if you think hooping is dorky but I'm pretty sure it' here to stay.  I guess I can't ever make a status that says "Good workout today!" because that might be about hula hoops.

Third, it's called don't read it.  I have a girl who post random quotes like, "A real man will stand by her girl," "A man isn't a man if he can leave a girl crying in the road," and all that other silly stuff.  Do I message this chick saying, "hey, all you post is stupid phrases that are like 12 year old mottos?"  Nope.  I grow up and ignore it.

The reason I post those things frequently is because I love these things.  They have both contributed to my wellness and happiness immensely.  I want to share my love with the world.  Most people don't know that hula hooping can be more than simple waist hooping (maybe that is why she is a killjoy).  Most women don't even know that there are other options out there for that time of the month.  I would have loved someone to tell me when I was 12 that there was another way either by cups or cloth.  I've had times in my life where I had to choose between food or protection for that time.  Now, I don't have to worry.  I'm set.

I also spend my money and time to sew pads for girls in Africa.  This ensures they are able to go to school during that time.  Many of those kids can't go during their period because they can't buy protection.  I guess I'm awful for helping and spending my time to do that.

Wanna know what post threw this girl off the deep end?  I was sharing an Earth day special for free, no shipping and handling cloth liner by a good company.  I think the post before that was about my glow hoop I received in the mail.  Honestly, receiving a new cloth pad I ordered, hoop tape, or a new hoop is really the only exciting thing I get in the mail or in life.  My life is pretty much: work, sleep, waste time, eat, repeat.  During 30/30, it was work, sleep, waste time, hoop, eat, repeat.  So yes, getting the glow hoop I bought months ago was exciting!  I guess I should be grateful I didn't post a status over getting my Hoop Path DVD.

And don't think I'm sitting here crying over this.  I wanted to get it off my chest.  This girl I personally don't regard as a friend anymore.  When I got married she laughed and called me retarded.  I know who my real friends are.  They don't mind my hooping obsession and try to join along.  Even if they don't get my love for reusable menstrual products, they say, "hey, go with your personal likes. Whatevs."  They are also my facebook friends and never make a comment about my "excessive" posting.

Have you ever offended someone with your obsessions?  Got any funny stories?