What "level" hooper am I?

I went to the hoop class the other day.  I knew most of the tricks but it was good just to work on those some more. Although I was able to really be able to start chest hooping with my arms down.  I still appreciate going because I was able to just hoop without worries on space constraits and I got to see a friend. 

These are the tricks I know:
  • waist hooping (side to side mostly)
  • chest hooping
  • some hip hooping
  • knee hooping
  • hand hooping/halos
  • corkscrews (up and down, front and back)
  • figure 8
  • passing
  • helicopter
  • smearing
  • vortex
  • hover
  • revolving door
  • hand hooping stalls and reverses.
Italized means that I'm still working on that.  What level hooper am I?  High beginner, just a plain beginner, etc.

What moves should I try next?  Add a youtube video of what I should learn next! 



  1. Super lovely blog!



  2. Hmmm man, it's so hard to determine what level someone is - because some things folks pick up right away and others take awhile and it is always different! haha! I'd say that you were beginner who is quickly moving through to intermediate. I know for me - a big change in my "level" came when I solidified my knee hooping, so I would get that down first! Of course, everyone is different - so just keep flowing :) yay!


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