Caroleeena Class Review

Caroleeena Class Review

The class: Beginning/Intermediate
The cost: $35
Where at: Cincinnati, Ohio by Shine Yoga.

Caroleeena is an amazing person.  She is so nice and caring and giving.  She started the class and told us an introduction of hooping.  I wish I had taped it because I cannot remember it for the life of me.  It was enough to repeat to others, especially if you do classes. She said that you had to say animal noises when your hoop ran into somebody.  Let me tell you, I meow an awful lot.

After that, we did stretches and did some waist hooping.  She really drilled how to walk with the hoop. At the moment, I have patches of time when I can walk straight with it and not.  Evidently my body doesn't like me most of the time to do it?  I guess that means more practice.  I just feel like I have to shuffle my feet for it and I'm sure a portion of that is because I'm a side to side hooper.  After that we moved to more off body stuff, like the hover, front hand hooping, side hand hooping and some fun, fun stuff.  We covered some tosses and palm spins.  My favorite thing I learned was the tosses, chest roll, and palm spin.  I soooo love the palm spin.  She suggested combining it with a move that I've been practicing. Extra love there.  The way she taught the class was in a way as if we were all teachers.  I loved that. I can teach others easier now even though I didn't take the teacher certification.

Around the end, we played games with balls and waist hooping.  It was reminiscent of playing bop it with my hoop.  Imagine a few months ago, I wouldn't have been able to do it!  We also walked around the gym with our hoops: walking front, walking backwards, walking side to side, and walking with lasso with your strut.  At the end of class, she complimented every hooper and you had to say thank you.

  I also brought supplies since I know through FB that she was collecting for relief efforts.  After that I chatted with one lady for a few minutes who knew a local hooper.  I also showed off my LED.

Worth it: YES.  If you ever have a chance, go! Even if you are not a beginner hooper anymore.  DO IT.

PS! Sorry for the late update.  It was supposed to post autimatically while I was at work last night.

PPS!  I had a dream today where I was walking FANTASTICALLY with the hoop. I was lifting my feet, no scooting.  It was awesome. I <3 hooping dreams.


  1. Yesssss. That sounds amazing :) So glad it was worth it for you- sounds like your take-away is very rewarding!

  2. I like that she taught to you as if you were all teachers - that is super helpful for getting language that will help others, too. Sounds like a great time! I think your hooping dream was a vision of things to come :)

  3. The funny thing is I implimented what she said. My friends around me disagreed (I taught the the forward stance but this girl naturally was standing in side to side). Sure enough, I (Caroleeena) was right. She was a side to side hooper more than a front to backer.


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