Fourth Month!

My fourth month hooping:

Yes, I have been hooping for FOUR months. Can you believe how I've grown as a hooper?


  1. Love this!! You can tell you have been working SO HARD. And you are doing that move that is currently driving me crazy because I can't figure out how people are doing it. Right at the beginning.. from 27 seconds in to about 34. Do you have a tutorial for that? Or did you learn it from Hoopnotica? I get all twisted up. I may have to watch you do it a couple more times, because your hand placement is nice and clear so I can see what's going on.

    And yay for illegal house hooping again. hehehehe. I get a kick out of it every time ;) I totally cheered out loud when you got it going on the knees and lifted back to waist. That is one of the more exciting moments in hooping when it finally starts staying there a little longer each time before it falls. :)

  2. Unfortunately, the knee shimmy doesn't happen when I want it to. :/ When I can do it on my own and anytime, it will be awesome. I need to practice that "double knee hooping" cause that's the only way it goes up. I can't really keep it up like that but I can make it move UP that way.

    I can make a short tutorial for it tomorrow. I think it's called smearing. I have a practice video that I can't show where it's sooooo pretty because of the deco tape. Really, Noora taught me how to do it via her (slightly) broken english. :p

    And thank you again!

  3. Wonderful! Thanks for sharing!


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