What Does it Mean to Move On?

Again, another post on my level of hooper-ness.  What does it mean to have a skill?  To be able to add that to your bank and say, "Yeah, I can do that."  I know moves but do I put them into every day practice?  Is it moves that I can perform in even the most unfriendliest of clothing?  I'm getting better at getting to my knees and working with that reception hoop has made me a better hooper I believe.  I almost have the knee hooping up and down.  Although it doesn't quite work out perfectly. 

Sometimes as a fat girl, it's hard to see past your weight.  I have large hips.  The drop from my hips to my thighs is huge.  I'm afraid that my weight is the thing that is holding me back when I start working the hoop down.  Working with the reception hoop has helped me figure out how kick it back up and I've slowly started to bring it up with a corkscrew if I do it right.  If there is an official way, I'm not doing it.

When I have a move down, is that when I incorporate it in my flow*?  Can I only say I learned this move when it's natural like breathing? 

Hoop moves that are natural to me that I am always doing: figure 8, corkscrews, halos (horizontal/vertical), waist hooping (depending on the hoop: still/circling), moving to the side, side to side hooping, revolving door, passing.

Hoop moves that I can do decently well/don't always do them because I forget about them:  Vortex, chest hooping(arms up), helicopter

Hoop moves that need work:  Booty bump/diagonal hooping, chest hooping with arms down/arms transitioning, hip hooping (easy with my big one; not with the others), knee hooping

Moves that I don't really have down but I'm trying so hard:   Angled hooping UP (I don't know if it's me but I can't get it to go up), this move Josie taught me that I forgot what it's called(almost there), isolations.

Yesterday I was working with my 2nd hoopnotica DVD and I'm trying to practice transitioning from hips to knees.  I can't really hip hoop on my hips. It's so hard.  Should I ever need to know knee hooping with both legs cause I can't do it.  Although yesterday I tried my best to be able to move the hoop up but I couldn't.  I think the next time I got something, I have to keep working and working on it till I want to kill the move. 

I'm super excited about seeing Caraleeena on Friday.  My husband on the other hand does not think so.  You see, my reception is on Sunday.  Going to this class that's 2 hours away is crazy awful.  Irresponsible.  Although I feel like going to this class will help me get the moves that I've been struggling with....maybe. Depends what she covers.  And he caught me illegal house hooping (with the bop it).  I'm not going to stop illegal house hooping.  Cause sometimes you need to be inside the house to get down to your skivvies to get a move.  I just won't do it when he is home.  And I need hooping friendly headphones!

I guess this gives me an excuse to get a flow wand!  Cause I can do a flow wand in the house.


*I still don't know if I have flow.  If flow is like being in your own little world, then no.  If flow is where you are moving just for the sake of moving and grooving with your hoop, yes.  If it's hooping to a beat, I don't know how to do that.  If it's one of those things where you are moving, rocking, anticipating, and the moves are just spewing from your body with random ambition, then, yes, I have flow.