Blog Revamp

For the next day or two, I will be revamping this blog.  I just wanted to give you guys a warning.  I figure I need to up my game since I'm a semi-internet celebrity (no, I'm not being facetious; someone actually told me that the other day).  What I've thrown together so far on this blog isn't my best work. So, I've taken some of the pages down and I'm fiddling with design thingies.  Hopefully everything will be better or not suck as much.  If there is anything you wish to see on this blog or things to improve, tell me in the lovely comments.  Whatever posts I have scheduled will go through as planned. 

I have some very exciting things planned!  Never fear!  A Whole Lot of Hoop Love will be awesome-er!  I love you all!

And keep hooping!


  1. this is exciting Shannon -! Can't wait to see the upcoming changes :)


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