Adventures at IHOP

Last weekend, when I taped the LED video, I wound up not wanting to go home.   I wanted IHOP.  That funnel cake fest was back and I love funnel cakes. I texted around and found one person wanting some IHOP.  We chilled around for a few hours inside.  And then we went out in the parking lot.  I had my LED in the car and showed my friend.

Lighted Life
He gave me massive compliments on my hooping skills.  After that we kept shooting the breeze while I hooped with my LED.  We must have been out there for hours.  People kept parking near us.  At one point, he says, "They are parking here because of you.  There are tons of empty spots over there but they want to see you."  I didn't believe that.

A couple fellas walked by saying my hula hoop was awesome.  One drunk girl screamed out the window, "AWESOME HULA HOOP."    I guess people were staring but I didn't care.  I was talking to a friend and hula hooping.  I've not hardly gotten to use my LED and that is exciting.


  1. LoL I love the attention of the LED hoop sometimes! I just always remember not to bring it with me if I don't feel like dealing with a crap ton of people that night. I have to say, though, your LED is prettyyy! Mine is purple/white/pink/blue/green-yellow-red flashing, but now I'm kickin myself for not getting an all green one!

  2. Thank you. It's supposed to be blue/purple/white but it doesn't seem like it. :(

    I really want an all white hoop. It seems so ethereal to me


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