Fourth Party Revisited

Slip 'N Slide
I didn't really explain much of it.  So here I go again.

I packed my flow wand, sil-x, my troo hoop and LED hoop in the car.  For some reason, I didn't bring my LED in. I think it was embarrassment.  What if I was the only one bringing one?  I would later regret this.  I even brought John.  Another thing I'd regret later.

The day started with the slip in slide.  After some hooping which I wasn't much feeling, I slid down.  It was awesome and painful.  I have a cut and huge bruise on my knee.  I'd continue to go back to my hoop.  I had my gaffer troo hoop.  I realized quick that I needed a 30 minute dry spell till I hooped.  At the same time, for some reason, I decided to try the shoulder duck out.  After a few tries, bam! There you go, Shannon.  Did you see the video of it?  Now I need to incorporate that on my other side and into flow. 
My camera sucks

I was really in the groove that day.  At first, I didn't think I would be.  I had brought my troo hoop instead of my reception hoop.  The troo hoop has a different groove than that one and it's a groove I don't like sometimes.  Different grooves for different moods.  I started to do some different things with my hoop that reminds me of that new Hoop Pathian thing where they fold or whatever.  I don't know but looking at KymSpins newest video made the moves feel familar.  Now, I didn't start doing it to copy that.  I wanted to do something different but akin to the sustained spinning according to my thought process.  Also, whatever the hell moves I was pulling was perfect for that song. I didn't care if I was doing weird things and moving differently.  I was just moving and feeling.  I have a 50 second video of it if anyone wants to see it. :p 

One girl later asked if I learned some new moves since the week before.  I disagreed other than the shoulder trick.  I explained I wasn't in a hooping mood at the last jam.  I basically rested the whole last week and somehow that improved my hooping?  I don't know.  But also, I had more of a flow that day.  (I guess I can say I have flow now)
Should one jump on when you are soaking wet?

When I was doing the hoopdancing, John started to talk to me.  Which seemed to be perfect to carry a conversation with someone with.  This was either before or after he left for the first time.  He doesn't do well in public and just was standing there.  John wound up going to the movies because he was bored.  I forgot to get the LED out of the car and the sun was going down.  I was very sad at that point. 

Flow wands were very popular with a couple of the people there.  After the kids left, a poi spinner/staff spinner came to the party.  More adults enjoyed the slip 'n slide.  Someone asked Paige to light up the fire hoop.  Before she did, she asked me if I wanted to try.  I gladly said yes before considering how small her fire hoop would be.  She warned that it would be small.  I balked and she pointed to the glow hoops that are her size hoops.

I spent the next 10 minutes trying to figure out what I could do with that size hoop.  Well, it ain't much.  There's always hand hooping and all that.  That's when she lit up.  I taped the video of Paige's performance.  Can you say amazing?  Then, she hollered my name and I balked a the prospect.  I even handed someone my camera on standyby instead of doing the smart thing and asking them to record it.

Hoop of Fire
My first time fire spinning reminds me much of how I was taught how to drive.  I was thrown behind the wheel on the side of an interstate and told to drive.  It's either drive right or die.  Either hoop or there is fire that burns right above your head.  All I remember is throwing it in halo and spinning around.  I'm thinking, "what the fuck am I going to do with this?  This is real fucking fire.  It's fire.  I could barely keep a regular hoop up and this is fire."  I couldn't figure out what I was doing.  I fumbled a few times as I was trying to do something more and couldn't match the groove of the hoop.  I even felt something against my forearm.  I don't know if it was the hoop or what.  All I know is that I was burned.  Eventually, I started doing side halos and fumbled to go to figure 8.  Evidently fire does is not conducive to grabbing the hoop for figure 8.  It's funny how you can take for granted how you hold your hand against the hoop after a while.  I finally got my hand positioning right between the fire wicks and doing figure 8.  And sometime after that, it extinguished. 

My first thoughts were, "Omg.  I'm glad John wasn't here."  It was very scary.  I'd hope for the most part because of the unfamiliarity with the hoop.  John hates fire.  I promised him I'd never do fire at our house.  He will not leave fans on in the house cause of fire fear.  Unfortunately, he took that as I will never fire hoop.  Which I'm not stupid.  I knew one day I'd do it.  I just didn't think it'd be this soon.  Of course, it's led to an addiction.  The same thing is happening with fire hoops that happened with LEDs.  I can't concentrate on anything besides window shopping for one.  The moment I buy one, I will calm down. 
LED Play

After that, John came back.  I got my LED and hooped it up.  I don't like my 50 inch hoop but it works. So I shouldn't complain.  It's better than no LED. One girl likes the huge sized.  The one thing about using it is that it's BRIGHT and messes up my vision.  Maybe I'm watching it too much.

The grand finale happened and it was an amazing firework show.  John was hiding in the car worrying about fire.  Literally.  I didn't tell him that I spun fire till he saw it on my facebook.  After John saw a bush on fire and called the firemen, I went home and passed on out.

The next day I was sore.  Heck, I'm still sore.  I overhooped and overslid.  It was an amazing party.  I met amazing people.  I got to hoop to some amazing music.  Did I say it was amazing yet? Cause it was the best and only adult party I've ever been to.