Happy fourth (to the American viewers)!

I'm not super patriotic.  But I respect the troops.  I respect the troops so much that I work tons of overtime in a state-run veterans nursing home.

And you can ignore me after this.

Do you know what state I am in?  I'm in Kentucky.  Our lovely governor decided that he should furlough state employees.  It affected everyone but teachers and police(for you know, public safety).  Yes, it affected me.  I'm a CNA.  At times, because of the furloughs, there may be ONE CNA on a 55 bed unit that is regular.  At this time, they'd either  make someone stay for another 8 hours, pull from another unit or hire agency.  Agency is a worst case scenario because the quality of aide can be very low.  Also, agency gets paid double my salary.  How the frick did this save money?  We probably cost them money.

So for now, the lovely state has said, "No furloughs for state employees for now."  I hate that "for now" addition.  Because it makes me not trust them.  I know it sounds selfish but for these vets safety, there should be NO furloughs for state-run nursing homes.  Facebook page you can like can be found here.

And write to the governor.  I don't care if you don't live in this state.  Even if they are serious about no more furloughs, it needs to be known that they were screwing our vets over and they should be ashamed.  The point is that vets, who have sacrificed for our country, should be able to have proper care.  Not short staffed care.  It's a 24 hour facility. There are no holidays for them.  Some of these men originally hail from other parts of the country.  

Write to the Governor!

Contact Governor Beshear
Mailing Address
700 Capitol Avenue, Suite 100
Frankfort, Kentucky 40601
Main Line: (502) 564-2611
Fax: (502) 564-2517
TDD: (502) 564-9551 (Telecommunications Device for the Deaf)


And I'm sorry if you don't hold my views, hate Americans, hate war (I hate war, too but most vets don't choose to go to war), or think furloughs are fantastic (I'm sure they are when it's your typical desk job).