New Trick and Burn

Yesterday was Paige's fourth/spin jam party.  It was freaking amazing.  I hooped and slip 'n slided a bunch.  It was great fun.  I also learned a new trick.  Some tricks I have just been organically learning and this is one of them.  Other than that, I spun fire for the first time.  It was scary and I fumbled a few times.  I was using Paige's teeny hoop.  Only sometimes can I keep those up, so I mainly did halos and experimented with hand hooping.  It was definitely a learning experience.  I want to do it again with a hoop that I can feel comfortable with.  I although I am glad I did sparkler hooping first cause it was similar in the way that you can't grab it cause of the spokes/fire in the way.  I didn't get any pictures or video of it.  I was too, "omg, this is happening now" to even think.

I remember looking up while halo-ing and thinking, "Omg, this is real fire man and what do I do now?"  I'm sure in the back of my mind I was grateful that John wasn't there because he doesn't want me to fire hoop.  Mainly cause one day I told him I would never fire hoop at our house.  He has a mild fear of fire.  I knew I'd fire hoop eventually and there is no way I said I'd never do it.

That was the most amazing party I've attended.  I only have gone to family functions though.

But I will show you a video of my new trick: