I am so fabulous that I pack and move in tiaras.  It was crazy since two Fridays ago.  It got real on Thursday.  I got sick.  Called in Friday.  Being sick didn't mean that I had a break. Nope!  I was expected to move and pack.  Talk about miserable.  My job was to pack the extra bedroom.  Thank goodness since it was hot! And I was burning on 6 hours of sleep during 54 hour period.  Yeah, it wasn't fabulous. 

The last scrub down of the old place.
On Saturday, we moved the cats.  I had to clutch the Siamese, Artemis to my chest the entire time.  Not super fun.  I dropped her in the floor, she ran in a circle and hid under the toilet.  The kitten sat there crying like she was dying and slinked off to explore.  The old cat, Cat, hid in John's belongings.  Eventually, they figured they weren't going to explode and started to get comfy. Except they won't use the litter box.  Awesome. 
Cat hiding in a box.

Cats exploring in the unpacked mess.

Garage with hoop making zone

At the start of the day, I wasn't sure if it'd get empty in time but by Saturday evening, I was feeling better about it.

Our First Rain
Who wants to unpack it all?
The next morning, I taped the video that was posted yesterday.  I went to work. I got one part of my Dube order, one fire fan and my glow poi.  The other fire fan arrives today!  The next thing I did was stop by at the spin jam for 30 minutes only.  I stuck to my word too. After some more errands, I went back to the apartment to finish.  Most of it was already done.  I wound up cleaning my car out.  Yay! Cause it needs to be cleaned (especially for Flow Camp.)

Yesterday, I didn't feel like hooping much.  But I found a radio to play while I hoop.  Today (which is my August 1) is the start of my personal 30/30.  I missed that.


LED serving as a lamp.


This is what hooping means.

This seems so familiar. Hmm?

Another bliss out.
I remember thinking last week I'd add yoga and barre workouts but that's just stupid.  Nothing is unpacked and I'm binging.  I am so tired.  But my shoulder feels so much better.  I think chest hooping has been helping open my shoulder out.  Not hooping for 90% of this month has been agony for my body.  I didn't fully understand what hooping was doing for my body till I didn't do it anymore.

So, yes, I own a house now.  I have a backyard, too.  Although I've yet to hit flow in it.