I am exhausted.  I am to the point where I can't even sleep, I am just that tired.

So instead of normal blogging, I will make random words comments  about Flow Camp.  Kind of like a word cloud but not.  Normal blogging some point soon.

Lonely. Lost. Google Plus. Hoop City. Screenhouse. LED Fun. Music blasting. Hoop a bit. Sleep. Doors slamming people yelling with LEDs. No sleep.  Morning. Trudge. Lonely. Paige. Moving on up!  Ann.  Warm up. Reverse weave almost there. Poi socks and DVDs.  Bellydance. Poi. Ow. Lost. Poor.  Hoops. Feeling sick. Flow wand. Fans. Change. LED a touch. Rest. Fire. ANAFUCKINGCONDAS!  Grimm. Sleep. Music.  Awake. Dress. EGGS AND PORTBELLOS! Teepee. Moved. General store. MONEY FOUND!  Pavilion. Yoga. Oh mi gosh. My body doesn't do that. Shoulders blades. Boredom. Group photo.  No glow sticks. Run! Sammich, glasses, water.  Fusion.  No glow sticks! Oh well. Contact juggling in the trees. Ball rolling in poison ivy.  Hoop for Health. So tired. Break.  Fans. Grimm is bad ass.  That was the BEST class ever. Phenomenal. Ice.Request. Dirty.  Rest. Hammock. Sprinkle. Rush. Pack stuff up. Chat in the rain.  DOWN FLIPPIN POUR.  Wait. Feeling tired. Bad Feeling. Hour. Packing up. Mud. Barefoot. Slipping and sliding.  Pack it up!  Rainbow.  Drive. Tired. Palasades. Home. Shower.  Tired.