Hoop Jam x 3

Take three of hoop jam was amazing.  I was extremely prepared.  I had my radio, I had my new sign, I had hoops.  I was alone for a few minutes when a woman rolled up.  There is one person that came and her mother actually wants me to perform (sorta).  Facebook to the rescue, that lady was Sarah.  She was having trouble. I had her use my flamer (160 PSI, 1") and she was able to do it after a few pointers.  After a while, we got her husband and child hooping, too.  I was playing with my poi at times.  I finally have the butterfly.  I tried my best and moved my butt while doing the one move I know.  Dancing or trying.  And she has friends that hoop and spin poi, too!

A few kids walked over and I taught them how to hoop.  I wound up giving the hoop to the three kids.  One was a little chubby kid.  I was mentally thinking, "Go hoop that weight off and be the next Baxter!"  I remember doing the over the shoulder roll and the one girl that was hooping with us gasped in wonder as I did it. <3  Also, don't mention fire hooping around kids!  I was like, "that's going to be my fire hoop one day. Uh, no, you only play with fire as an adult with a firefighter present! Yeah! Yeah, forget what I said."

Although I was reminded why I don't take my niece and nephew to the park when I go.  A fifteen year old girl comes over, takes a long drag of her cigarette as she starts waist hooping.  She started to brag about how she used to win hooping contests at 4-H camp (uh, where was I?).  Yeah, I don't want to be the person to put those bad influences around my niece and nephew when they don't mind me as is.

I'm already committing to a hoop jam on the next Monday I am off.  Hosting a hoop jam can be taxing.  It's all about being a good host or at least that's what I'm trying to do.  Is that right?  I can't wait for Paige's jam on Sunday.