Lighted Lifestyle Review

I've had this hoop for eons. I am finally getting to reviewing it. This is my 50" Lighted Lifestyles hoop.  First of all, I ordered right when I started hooping.  Since I knew it'd be lighter, I opted for a 50" hoop.  In the time that it was back ordered, I progressed in my hooping.  At one point, I emailed wanting to know if my hoop was being made because there was no confirmation letter saying, "Hey, dude, we got your order!"  I did hear a response saying it shouldn't be due for a month or so.  That was it.  Later there were hoopcity posts that was talking about bad hoops and no hoops showing up.  I mentioned mine since it was two weeks away.  Kirk responded to my post saying that within a week it should be in production.  I waited a few days and emailed again explaining I'd rather have a 45" or something hoop.  I waited.  No response.  I never got a "this was mailed letter." 

One day, I wake up and there is the hoop and John is pissed at this big box in the living room. Cool. Awesome. I'm stoked. I open it and I look inside.  This is a 50" hoop.  Maybe he didn't get my email but I would have preferred some sort of response like, "We already made your hoop. Sorry!"  I turn it on and it looks blue sitting. Cool. It's supposed to be like that.  I take it in the bedroom, shut the door, jump on the bed and I spin it.  It looks blue and purple.  It's supposed to be strobby that runs blue white purple. I see no white. This is the one that does not have a video of unlike the other light burst strobes.

I have used this hoop many times. I like it but I feel so upset that I see no white in the strobe. I ask others and they don't see it either. Although I have gotten many compliments about it.  I also hate the size. I know that's my fault but I just wish he had responded to my emails.

Yes, I realized from HoopCity that it would take forever to get my hoop.  The problem is that fact that I never got a response, slow response, or not information on my hoop.  I spent hours staring at hoops and this was a very expensive purchase and I was sincerely worried about my hoop.  I hate feeling in the dark about something like this.  I understand this is a product made with care but I just want to be informed.

The reason why I did not choose Lighted Lifestyles for my second hoop was because I wanted it before Flow Camp.  Also, the reviews were starting to get less than stellar.  I did not like being clueless about my hoop.  That is why I chose another hoop maker for my second hoop.  Sorry, Lighted Lifestyles.  I hope your production time is truly five weeks now and you are responding to emails cause I wasn't super thrilled with your service.  If I could, I'd totally revamp this hoop to be down to a smaller size.  If anyone has any information on retrofitting or modding a LL hoop, message me. I don't know much about electronics but I am crafty.  I can do it, if you help me!


  1. My first two hoops and minis were from Lighted Lifestyle. I got what I asked for and the hoops are beautiful however his customer service needs improvement. Currently his customer service is the reason why I do not recommend him anymore and will never buy from him again which is sad because that is something that you could EASILY fix.
    We did a group purchase for my second hoop from there and it took him a month to process the order, another month to start the order, and another month to receive it. One of the people that was apart of the purchase ordered staffs which Kurt no longer makes. They broke while still under warranty which was up on the site before we messaged him about the broken staffs and faulty wiring in my first hoop which has progressively gotten worse. We received no reply. The guy who had his staffs break mailed them in to Kurt with a letter explaining the problem in May 2011 but the return address was to a friend's house and they moved. We've tried calling, e-mailing his site, e-mailing him on facebook and hoopcity but there has still been no response and to our knowledge he still has the staffs. Frankly all we want right now is to get the money back for them.

  2. Also I forgot to mention I have the purple, blue, and white strobe on my minis and other strobes on my second hoop. To be able to see all three colors you have to spin crazy fast. I am a fast hooper hearing the whooshing sound for me is a thrill. But there are apparently moves.tricks classified as speed moves (I just found this out) I think some might be the helicopter, rising sun, figure eights, and anti-spin flowers?


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