Superhooper Review

This review is long overdue.  My Lighted lifestyles review will be on Friday.

Before Flow Camp, I wanted to have a new LED that I loved.  Lately I've been so obsessed with white LEDs.  I was really torn if I should wait but a 50" hoop is ridiculous.  I saved up my church checks and decided on Superhooper.  They have those super low prices with what I wanted.  The batteries sucked (I really like wall charging batteries) but the price made it worthwhile.  Since a polypro would ship free with it, I figured why not get one too?  I tried to make the cart a billion times on the superhooper website and it wouldn't work.  When I'm still making up my mind about if I should buy something, I always make a cart a few times.  Even though the website was not working, their awesome website made it easy for me to figure out shipping without having to make a cart.  I like having everything so straight forward.  That night/morning I think I facebook Lara on the Superhooper facebook page and informed her about the bug on the website.  I needed to do it soon because if I didn't order by Friday according to the chart, I wouldn't get my hoops in time. 

My response was pretty quick.  She fixed the bug and promptly messaged me to add a clear poly pro which I would get for free.  The next time you find a bug in a website, tell them. Maybe you will luck out on a free thing, too.  It made me feel like yes, I did need a polypro because the universe is giving me one. <3  Now, understand I did not expect anything in return other than being able to place my order.  I had the money for both hoops and was expecting to pay.

I ordered it Friday, after trekking to the library to complete the order.  This was during the move and my internet was gone.  When I got my email confirmation, I looked at the address.  Oops.  That's not my new address.  I promptly emailed Superhooper back and a very short while she reconfirmed my address. ^_^

True to the chart on the Superhooper website, I was able to get my hoop on Tuesday or Wednesday. I can't remember.  All I know is that it shipped FedEx and I was so unsure about if it was a sign-type package.  I stayed up.  I remember the door knocking and I ran to the door. There was my hoops on the porch.  I yelled at the driver as he ran off, "Thanks! Have a great day!"

 I hurried my box inside and tore it open.  When you get a superhooper hoop, you have to screw it together.  We had just moved which meant that I had to search for one.  After I found it, I put it together.  To save money, I didn't get it sanded.  I figured I could tape the inside myself.  I turned it on and it was so gorgeous. I love white LEDs.  I played with the LED and the polypro. The LED feels heavier but not awful heavy.  Be advised I like heavy hoops.  I like the weight because I can still use it even if it's smaller.  I really wish I had gotten a superhooper LED first.  I also got this one at 40".  I loved it and taped some green gaff inside the hoop.  I have not noticed any rattle and it's super bright. It's my baby. ^_^

 Polypro feels so much different.  It's like hooping with air!  I realized I had to speed up my vortexes and I definitely cannot waist hoop with it much.  That's okay.  I'm starting to accept that my favorite move is chest hooping.  I know the waist should be our "home base" but I love, love, love chest hooping.  I don't know why either.

When I went to Flow Camp, I got tons of compliments on it.  Sometimes the green gaff gives it greenish trails.  If you'd like a good, cheap, and high quality hoop, I totally recommend Superhooper. The service is fantastic.  It really means a lot to me when people respond to my emails or facebook inquiries.  The fact that I was able to get a LED within a few weeks without paying extra for super fast shipping says a lot.  Also, they are right about polypro does not suck at 42" range. It works beautifully for me.  I really don't play with it as much as I should.  Although I love playing with it in the house. No gaff marks!

I totally recommend superhooper.  <3  This is a hooping company that cares about hoopers. 


  1. Chest hooping is my home base as well :) It's just really freeing to be able to do it, whereas waist hooping, I don't really feel connected to it there.

    I'm interested in your LL review, especially since you got those same lights that I really did not like. I ended up selling my hoop and ordering a different one from him, which thankfully is beautiful and doesn't rattle at all. But it did take forever since it was when he was having problems.

  2. At least I'm not alone. I feel so free at chest level. I was really playing with moving and dancing with arms with my huge hoop and it was amazing! O.O

    Yeah, my lights never seemed white purple blue like they were supposed to be even when fully charged.


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