Rock Fence Park Concert Finale + Update

 Months ago I was offered to come to the Rock Fence Park concert series finale.  I took my hoops and scouted out a spot out to the side.  John took Max and "tried" to enjoy the music.  It was really awful music.  There were high schoolers that was also singing at the event.  At first I had a few children come up and hoop.  I tried to hand out a few fliers for my indoor hoop jam (which was a bust).  After the high schoolers were done singing, they came over and hooped with me. I'm sure they thought I was odd.  

John's best friend came over and let me teach her how.  I only worked with her for a few minutes and she was able to waist hoop.  She was thrilled.  She kept asking me why I wasn't on the stage.  I almost crept over when it was over.  I was also not pleased about the fact that they didn't introduce me.  I probably was looking like the crazy girl with the hoop.  Also, the Jessamine Journal did not take a picture of me but of the little kids.  Even Lois' was ticked off about it.  She just wanted me on the stage hooping away.

I know I'm writing about this now because obviously I never did when it was appropriate.  The biggest reason is because I somehow got to talking about the book, Hooping.  I expressed my disdain for the book.  I'm sorry but the tone of voice throughout irks me.  Even a friend at work agreed.  Somehow that started to get Lois on a flurry to get hooping in this area.  She starts telling me about places I need to contact and articles I need to write for hooping.  She was so excited.

 I'll be honest.  After my last hoop jam was a bust.  Every hoop jam I have either gets weather-ed out or no shows.  On the other hand, I decided to email at the FCCLA teachers in the region.  I know FCCLA has a Student Body national program.  I offered to teach a hooping class.  Only one emailed me back and she said she'd ask the members on November 2nd.  I didn't hear anything back.  I know creating a community is not an easy thing but I feel like I can't get ahead.  It's been frustrating me deep down.

Lois' plan for the hooping thing is to get me published to legitimize what I'm doing, go to the school's for PE classes, and I can't remember what else she was saying.  I emailed the FCCLA adviser to check on how the meeting went as an update.  Lois knows exactly which teachers are lazy enough to loooove a "free" day.  Talking to Lois also helped me figure out why only one messaged me back.  Evidently there are no CTSOs in the schools anymore.  That upsets me so much because I don't think I could have became a state officer if it was merging both schools.  That's why the Lexington schools hardly had any big FCCLA attendance.

So, hopefully, this will help me out.


  1. The little group I hoop with started quite a while ago with one hooper and a couple of her friends. They started a Facebook group (that's how I found them), and they started hooping every week on the same day at the same time in the same place. A few more people joined, and then it faded after a while, but another hooper logged onto the Facebook page this summer and started up a regular thing again. Every month there are more people. All you have to do is get the word out and be in the same place at the same time every week (an indoor location is a good idea, because it'll never get rained out). Then you just hoop and wait, and people will start to show up, even if it takes a lot of time for it to happen. It sounds like John's friend might join you, if she was that excited about learning!

  2. I really wish I could do a weekly thing but with my work schedule it would be very, very hard. So in the summer, I was doing bi-weekly but the heatwave and rain almost wiped out half my dates. There aren't ample indoor spots in my area. I did one a few weeks ago and it's way too small for a hoop jam. And I do have a facebook page.

    John's friend won't join in on any hoop jams. I think she's just trying to help me because she knows I'm good at teaching this and I'm passionate about this.

  3. Well I think it's great that you have the support from her at least. I really admire you. Sometimes I read your updates, and I feel so frustrated for you that I wonder why you keep trying. You have such a passion about community hooping and spreading this that I never have. I am so content to hoop by myself and have no one else around and no one bugging me and no one asking to hoop. Totally the opposite from you, hehe. But it's awesome, and I am just in awe how hard you are working and how much heart you are putting into this.

    I smile when I think back months ago how John was hesitant about you starting hooping, thinking it would just be a phase or some new workout that you dropped after a month. You have found something you love, and I really hope your journey of finding others to love it as well happens with a positive ending.

  4. The reason I'm so passionate for hooping is because to me the hoop community feels like home. I've made such great friends just through hooping. I've felt instantly welcomed. I've been searching for a place to belong all my life.

    And the fact that it's changed my life for the better. It's helped ease my crippling shyness. SOmetimes I look back and I'm shocked I'm able to do the things I do lately because a year

    I wish I could have given the gift of hooping my younger self. If I can't do that, I'd like to give it to my community.

    The thing that burns me most of all Shekinah is the fact that there are some hoopers and fire spinners here and they pretty much don't talk to me or invite me to burns. So, I feel like I am starting from scratch. Also, I did the same thing with knitting.

    I'll also admit that I haven't been hooping a lot lately, especially with nanowrimo. But I still will hop into the hoop for at least a few moments once a week

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