$30 More Dollars

I'm saving for a fire hoop right now.  I decided to get a Bearclaw hoop because it will be removable and I can make it heavy!  Also, they aren't $150,000840549 dollars.  I can't wait.  Although the reason I have to wait is because of the anti-fire burning feeling in my house.  I'm slowly saving up.  Remember if you want to buy any quick wicks, I have a link you can use!  Also, the bearclaw people are totally earning my respect by being active on hoop city.  He really cares, y'all (I for some reason am thinking it's a guy....).

In other news, I give up on hip hooping!  I don't need to pressure myself to learn this move nor will make me hate my hooping practice because of it!  I'm done.  I think it will come to me but not right now.  At least I can do it when I spin people!  That does not make me an awful hooper.  That means I get to be excited about something later.

And the sun is going to be out the next three days!  So I will be able to tape a Christmas hoop video!  I'm so excited!  I was kind of afraid that the rain would never stop.  I didn't want to have to build a raft. Unfortunately, I don't have a tripod.  So I may have some creative camera placements just like last video! Awesome!

And that's my update!


  1. You should definitely post your christmas video on the Hoop Tech group on facebook. There's a tradition among spinners to post their videos christmas day so that way it's like a present to all the spinners out there. Here's a link to the group in case you're not on it yet:


    Happy Hoopy Holidays!

  2. Are you out there? :) Hope you had a good holiday!


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