A favor, my friends.....

As you all know, I'm obese.  Actually morbidly so.  I'm a binge, emotional and boredom eater.  I have a very bad relationship with food.  I don't know how I found out about this contest but I did.  My favor is if you can vote for me.  I have already started losing weight but my tendon has made me backpedal so much.  I'd really appreciate this.  I would love to win.  I promise to take a few hoops with me and get that whole place hooping!  And a month vacation would be awesome!  This contest is open for public vote for 15 days.  I'd appreciate as many votes as you can handle. You can vote daily.  I am the girl hula hooping, duh.  It's titled "Shannon's Biggest Loser Retreat Entry."

Facebook Contests Link...Yes, it's on facebook using the contests app.

Public Service Announcement
Also, remember that I started hooping in 2011 when you nominate people for the newest Hoopies on Hooping.org.  I would be honored to be nominated by you.  Just keep me in mind.  Nominations will probably open soon.  I remember seeing the results when I first found Hooping.org and was like, "I want one of those one day!"  Help my dream come true?  Maybe, yes please?  And maybe my big girls can hoop video can be nominated?  I know it won't win with the amazing videos from Hooping Idol but ya know. :p

And I didn't wrap my tendon before hooping for the newest 30/30 and it's awful sore. :(  This sucks.  Please, please do those preventative exercises I told you about yesterday.  This flippin' ass blows and you don't want this to be your problem!


  1. Very excited for you Shannon! Sounds like we are on very similar journeys. I will be cheering for you from Utah!


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