Biggest Loser Update

I just wanted to post something super quick while I was at work.  For anyone wondering, I did not win the Biggest Loser Contest.  I didn't even hit the top 30 at all.  Yes, I'm dissapointed but oh, well.  I just got an email from them that I could have $250 off of admission.  Yeah, if I ever have 3k to spend on anything, I'm going to HoopCamp and every other hoop retreat there is.  I'm still clueless if I will get to go to any hooping retreat other than local ones. 

I haven't been hooping much lately.  I got really sick this past week.  I keep getting sick once a month lately because this weather won't calm down.  It's rather annoying vomiting my guts out.  I don't want to be sick anymore.  Someone fix this now!

I got a question:  What do you think is the perfect way to know if you are ready to move down hoop sizes?


  1. To answer your question, in my opinion I've found myself picking up smaller hoops almost subconsciously. For example, I won’t necessarily notice that my hoop is falling more often or not being where I know it should be after a move or even just constantly playing catch-up to my body. But I can feel that it just isn’t right anymore. That is when I usually find myself reaching for a smaller or even just different hoop. If I like it, I stick with it.
    I have a lot of hoops left over from my hoop-making frenzy a few months ago so I’m fortunate to have a lot of options, but my best advice is to listen to your body. As you hoop, your body will change, so then will your hooping style. Even just your mood can significantly effect your hooping style. Your flow can change daily and with that, the hoop you want to use (size, weight, hell…even, color!). But if you listen to your body it will tell you what it wants. Whether it’s slow and emotional, or so fast that you can’t think, or just a lazy Sunday hoop in the park, your body will tell you what to do. I have been hooping for a little over a year and a half and I have everything from a 34” polypro to a 42” 160psi, and I use them all. Sure, I have my favorites and I go through phases but no matter where I go, they all come with. After all, who am I to deny what hoop my body wants?  I move hoops when it feels right.


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