Fire Hoop

Last month I got my fire hoop and here it is:

This is a bearclaw manufacturing hoop.  They ship FAST and through Fedex (I'm not sure if this is important to some people).  These are removable spines.  I'm not sure if they are made to legit go on the inside but I screwed some in to test it like that.  I also bought the deluxe fire kit with it.  The deluxe comes with duvetyne, oil lighter, two paint cans, and a can opener. My hoop is the Sunhoop 4 with four snap connections, removable spines, and six inch steel spines.  It's 40" and when people say practice with your fire hoop, they are right.  It's so odd to realize your hoop isn't the usual space but wider.  Does that make sense?  

Overall, I'm very happy with this hoop.  The only issue I have is that when I snapped it, it unsnaps in motion.  I have snap hoops which means I'm familiar with the collapsible snap hoop wiggle.  It seems one connection doesn't seem to fully snap into place.  I was hooping with it and it fell apart at that spot. Although when I got the hoop from the mail, it was really cold.  I'm not sure if the cold effected the tubing (expanded it or contracted it?) and maybe that is why it wouldn't snap in place.  I just get some gaffer and have gaffer over all the connections


  1. Awesome! I hope we get a video soon :D

    PS- I had tagged you on G+ but maybe it didn't go through.. did you hear anything about the biggest loser contest results? I think it was supposed to be announced Jan 31. I don't see shrieking and excitement anywhere.. does that mean you didn't win? :(

  2. Oh my gosh you got one!!! Eeek. I am so excited for you! Can't wait for future videos.


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