Busy (hoop) Bee

(Oh, look, I'm blogging)

I've been so busy lately!  I'm a really bad procrastinator.  For a month, I've known about the Central Kentucky Health Fair and I never got to making hoops.  Now, I'm cutting close to the deadline and making hoops like a mad woman.  My plan is to have five smaller hoops, five 100 PSI hoops and five 160 PSI hoops of different colors and sizes.  Although lately with my hoop selling, I've noticed a distinct favoring towards under my chest level.  The current complete hoop count is three 125 PSI hoops at my waist level and two 100 PSI hoops.  The thing is I don't even know how many people may want to even purchase my hoops.  I'm afraid to make a ton that won't sell.  At the same time, I need to work on a few hoop orders that I've received!   I guess when I finish this post, I will at least deco tape one more hoop.  Oh, except that I'm getting a cold.  Perfect hoop making feeling! :(

I've been really thinking lately on what I need and want to do to spread hoopdance in my community.  I realized I have enough comp time to take off for 4-H Camp which I miss.  I would want to teach a hooping class.  I've also contacted a few YMCA afterschool programs and I got a some interested!  After talking to  John, he let me get the BodyHoop KidsFit training (or will).  Unfortunately, the cart is screwing up the shipping.  John will be calling them hopefully.  I'm hoping to sell some DVDs while at the fair which is causing the cart malfunction.  Either way, I'll also get the training since I get $40 off with my certification.  I also think that I am at the level in my hoop practice that (some) of Hooping University will behoove me.  I don't think any beginner should get Hooping University when you have other choices like Hoopnotica DVDs, SaFire, and youtube.

I'm hoping in the next month to be able working on a  personal trainer certification.  I really want to make hooping and fitness my life.  This isn't the only time I've considered this.  I've submitted a hoopdance class proposal for the OLLI.  No reply on that.  I even emailed them again asking what the deal was.  I just go through ups and downs with this hoop thing.  I get mad jealous of people like Tilly Whirls (who I love to death) because her community seems to be welcoming it so easy.  I have gyms that have told me no and some that ignore me.  I'm not giving up.  I just wish it was easier. Then, I get upset with myself because I think, "If I lost my weight and say it was cause of hooping, that would spread ripples."  For me hooping isn't exercise persay.  It's a way to feel like something I've never honestly felt: confident and beautiful. Joy in movement.

I don't think that hoop is going to get taped.  I feel like crud.  I make it all through the GI virus at work and a flippin' cold kills me.


  1. Darling dear, it's a journey. Most of the successful people in the hooping community have been at it for years. There will be set backs, but what ultimately determines your success is that you keep choosing to push forward. You've shown dedication to your community and to your art. People will take notice. Take care of yourself. Hopefully you'll be feeling better once you get over this cold ;) Good luck at the health fair!

  2. That's why I use the example of Tilly Whirls because she's been hooping as long as I have been.

    Hey, my head is feeling better and last night I did two hoops. I should do a few more and make this sick day work for me. Since I'm already behind cause of the illness!


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