Flow Camp 2012 is ON!

Hey there!  It's about to be Flow Camp Time!  I'm so excited but nervous.  Why?

  • This year I will be teaching classes!  I'll be teaching some kids classes and teaching a how to reach kids with a hula hoop class.
  • It's in the fall rather than the late summer.  This makes me dread the weather.  It could be pretty, cold, or rainy.  Or it could be all those in less than an hour.   Here's the weather that we're currently having:  Kentucky Weather
  • I didn't originally have the days off for Flow Camp and I've finagled my days off now. Weee!  Good thing I called cause she also did not have my days for Florida Flow Fest

So help me pack!  What should I bring?  I think I'll start packing now or tonight.  I'll need it after the horrible night I've had at work.  What are good camping foods?  Last year, lack of protein and vitamins was making me sick plus maybe heat exhaustion/dehydration.  Please remind me to bring ear plugs so that I can sleep!

Should I feel bad that I didn't lose weight before this?  I think I was dieting right at or after Flow Camp planning to be a hot momma by next years Flow Camp.  Since I keep getting sick every time I try, I haven't even tried much lately.  I honestly haven't even been hooping much either.  Maybe Flow Camp will propel me back into motion.  I think I had a sorry streak this time last year.

Also this happened last week:
Look at me go with that fire!


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