My 2012 In Review (pics and vids)

The great thing about facebook is those apps that show up that will do your year in review.  I clicked the link and it was intriguing because my year involved hooping.  I guess it was a very big year for me.

Let's review:

  • In January, I was nominated for Newbie Hooper of the Year.  Since I started hooping, I wanted to earn a Hoopie.  Even though 2012 wasn't my year, it was an honor to be nominated.  One day, I will have a hoopie!

  • I entered the Hoop Camp contest and love what I did do with that.  You can see my progression as a hooper just looking at these contests!

  • In Spring, I entered Hoop Idol.  Cause I was insane, obviously.  I made it to top 10 which I should be grateful for.

  • My last video for Hooping Idol was very personal to me.  The reason why this video means so much to me is because this video is a very prettified version of my hooping story.  I have been told that I am too fat to do this.  I have been told that "if it burns so many calories, why are you still fat?"  I failed and failed and failed at hooping.  Through hooping I have found that I can be proud of my body, curves and all.  I wear sleeveless shirts now when I used to never.  I've gained confidence that I never had when I was 214 (my smallest weight).  I really thought it was a good video and I thought that people would vote me through.  Some of my friends have said, "well, maybe they thought it was that good that they thought others would vote for you and voted for an underdog."  I did cry when I lost.  If it had been any other week, I would have been fine.  So bringing my personal story into Hooping Idol was a mistake for me.  It basically put me all in.
  • I became a certified hoopnotica instructor for Fit and Dance.  I was able to meet Jen and Keith Moore.  Who are flippin awesome fyi.  Although my plans to show The Hooping Life did not pan through at all.  It was still a very fun and hardcore weekend!

  • Next, I went to PlayThink.  I had a neighbor who is awesome funny and cuts my hair.  Saw some amazing stuff and did some amazing things.  I loved PlayThink.  It was totally my speed and everyone felt like friends.  You should go to PlayThink this year.  Really, you should!  I also realized how much poi is an arm workout. Woooosh.  Another reason you should go this year: I'm going to be a teacher this year for the kid hoop classes.
  • Next, I tried to lose weight again and failed at some point during 2012.
  • I started hooping less.  I wasn't inspired to write and retired from writing at  I love hooping but with my work schedule and not feeling inspired, I couldn't do a thing.  I love with all my heart but I couldn't do it.
  • I learned how to eat fire!
  • I started teaching at Women's Fun and Fitness where I taped my Be Calm video which was on as a video of the day.  
  • I taught at Flow Camp.  Even though only one person showed up to my class, it was awesome!  I loved it so much!  Can imagine that the first year I was a beginner and now I was a teacher?  It was a great pleasure to meet my one student!  I love Flow Camp so much.  I did take a ton of Grimm classes.  Can you say mind blown?  He's a genius, I'm telling you!

  • I went to Florida Flow Festival.  It was amazing.  I really was going to write an article on it but I just didn't have the words.  Florida Flow was amazing.  I got to meet so many big instructors and learned so much.  I even go to play with some things I've been working on since the Slow Jams video.  Of course, I always get flak for my heavy hoops.  Every time I turned around, I seemed to be getting a comment.  I'm an adult people, if I really feel like I need to switch hoops, I will.  But I want to learn moves in my hoop so I can change the move as I need.  By the way, Rico is a boss.  He's hilarious and French.  But hardcore.  He made us run in a class. RUN.  My friend Michelle was like, "uh, Rico, I don't think we are used to running...."   Michelle actually reads my blog!  So it's pretty awesome to meet one of my blog readers!  Pictures were taken.  Lunch was had!  I took a few fan classes, long string flow wand class, beginner contact staff, poi and so much more.  Of course, hooping.  I mean all the instructors were amazing to be honest.  Every single one.  Casanda makes one hell of a festival!
  • When I came back from Florida, I found out I was "let go" at Women's fun and fitness with absolutely no notice at all.  I was upset and worried.  I hadn't been paid for the last month when I was told I would get paid that last Monday.  Those are days I could have came into work for overtime when they needed help.  It was just frustrating knowing that.  I'm afraid I'll never be a hoop teacher. :(
  • I was successful at Nanowrimo...finally.  Success is mine again!  Especially considering that I was on vacation the first few days!
  • I entered the Curvy Hooper contest. I captured some awesome stills.  I really love this video!
  • I learned the backwards 3 beat weave on one side in poi!

So that was my 2012!  Pretty amazing right?

What is in store for me in 2013?  Who knows.

I do know that the hoopies are coming, two more hoopnotica trainings, PlayThink, FlowVille (from the creators of FlowCamp) and the hoop camp contest.