Meal Plan for 12/3- 12/09

I keep getting behind but this will be my meal plan for this week. This week I am trying to utilize a lot of my frozen meats in my freezer. Typically when I plan my week, I assume that I have mostly two choices for breakfast: eggs or oatmeal. I do have other e choices but those are my  basics. It makes my life easier. Since I am nursing and like to exercise in the mornings, E's are my best choices in the morning. Sometimes I make those E's into XO by adding fat to my oatmeal or bacon.

My breakfast choices this week will probably be: Oatmeal (with eggwhites for protein), anabolic oatmeal/quinoa(eggwhites for protein), or eggs with veggies. Sometimes my fancier days I will make a Briana's baked oatmeal. The baked oatmeal is a great take along breakfast. In the past, I have taken it in a container and ate it on my way to the library with the boys. On my feeling sick days, I will make simple toast with laughing cow wedges and cinnamon/Pyure. I might be having more sick days.

I am not the sort of person that has everything perfect and everything has to be planned to a tee. Lunches are typically leftovers and a salad. My other options are pizza sandwich with veggies, deli sandwich with veggies, egg drop soup, or ramen. The first three options do not take special ingredients.

My snacks this week will consist of plain non-fat yogurt, hard boiled eggs with handy veggies, or a frappa. Mainly I need to use up this yogurt soon. If my cottage cheese is about to expire, I will try to use that too.

Meal planning does not have to be hard or perfect. For me this allows me to have some freedom to change as I need through the week. I often make mid-week changes. Below I have added easy ways to make the meal a XO.

Monday- S
Wings,  green fries. XO: Fruit or bread
 I will probably use Butt Rub for the wings and possibly airfry them. It's a step in the kitchen and figure it out sort of life.

Tuesday- S
Spaghetti over troodles/dreamfields/noodles. XO: Fruit or bread
I will either use troodles or dreamfields. My husband and boys will have regular noodles.

Good Grub, steamed veggies, XO: sweet potato

Fajita Soup, XO: cheese and fruit

Gumbo, XO: cheese


Banging ranch drummies, green fries, XO: bread or fruit

Chicken Fried Double Rice, XO: use whole eggs instead of white. I actually this is one meal that I feel like is super amazing without fats and stuff.

My goals this week is to increase my water intake and fuel my body the best I can. Exercise wise I plan to do barre 3-4 times this week and maybe 2 workins. Comment down below if this helped you!


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