Meal Plan for 17-23

I know that this is a bit late but I figure even looking at old plans could help people. I am personally going through some health issues. So I haven't been eating too well. Either way, I still made healthy plans.  This is the best thing about Trim Healthy Mama. Every day, every meal is a chance to get back on plan. I did have one mostly fully THM day.

Chicken Fried Double Rice (Trim Healthy Table)

Dreamy Creamy Lazone (THT)

Chicken black bean quesadillas

Crack chicken or John's chicken curry

Dirt-e Rice

Chana Dahl soup (THC)

Pizzeria tomato soup (THT)

On a good day, my goal for breakfast is usually an e like oatmeal or an s like okra and eggs. Although this week has been anything I could hold down. So one day it was just brown rice, one day eggs, and one day it was E pancakes with cream cheese on top.  Not perfect but it's okay for me right now.

Lunch has been whatever I feel like I can hold down. One day I made dragon noodles with dreamfields noodles. Whoop whoop soup from the freezer was another great meal I have had this week. One day I had leftover ham on sprouted bread creating an XO. I have had an aversion to veggies.

If you are wondering what we have been eating this week, it's mostly been off plan or leftover ham from this weekend. I fully intend to actually good tonight. Might make my husband's favorites since he has had a very hard week at work. The great thing is I have all the things I need to make for crack chicken or John's chicken curry.

So, I will try to work on next week's meal plan and hopefully have that up on a timely manner.