Monday-Sunday week of 1/28

I know it has been a few weeks. I fell so much off plan because of all the holidays, sickness and more.

I got that amazing deal for the THM membership. So this week I tried my hand at that. Although I may put something on there but I have a feeling I will revert to things that sound good to me. Right now, my needs are a lot of XO. So a lot of these are XO. If you need separate fuels, just take away a carb or fat option. Remember try to balance most of your meals with some veggies and strawberries/berries are okay in most S meals. I like to keep a bag or two of romaine on hand, okra for the air fryer and steam bags in my freezer. I am still struggling with aversions to veggies. Or it doesn't sound as good as it used to me.


B:Baobab Boost Eggs (FP with S Options).  If I don't feel like this, I will probably make this a XO day. Which has been sprouted bread, cheese, eggs (2-3), and sausage. If I have them, strawberries. Although one day this past week, when I felt extra icky, I made Briana's stuffed french toast. I have no been measuring so that could have been a XO too.
Lunch: Lunch is usually leftovers. If I do not have leftovers, I do other things like pizza sandwich with veggies. Another thing I made last week was THM french toast XO style.
Snack: Snacks are crazy for me. Usually something handsy. I don't plan them well. I am really craving peanut butter and celery this week. Here are other snack options for you to consider: hardboiled eggs and a veggie, a shake (I keep meaning to make the BBBB or chocolate truffle shake).
Dinner: Pearl's easy hot chocolate and crockpot low carb spaghetti (s)


B: Egg white sandwich with veggies or my XO sandwich. I am struggling with juggling fuels better. So it depends how I feel.
Lunch: Leftovers or easy one serving things like the 95 calorie soup
Snack: See above for Monday snacks.
Dinner: Gumbo.  This is written as an E in THT but I will make is a XO with cheese. I have been doing a lot of hot chocolate and will probably add one, too


B: Eggs, sausage, cheese sandwich. I got a new panini maker that makes it super easy to make a toasted like cheese sandwich like Sonic's.
Lunch: Leftovers
Snacks: Cookie bowl oatmeal (fp)

Dinner: Briana's pizza casserole


B: Sausage, egg, cheese sandwich. I really need to increase my veggies
Lunch: Leftovers
Snacks: See Monday for ideas
Dinner: Baked chicken, green fries, and maybe Briana's mac and cheese? 


B: Sausage, egg and cheese sandwich
Lunch: leftovers
Snack: see above
Dinner: Chicken fried double rice. I might make this a XO with a full egg instead of just egg white. I am not sure. 


B: Sausage, egg and cheese sandwich
Lunch: Leftovers
Snack: Pristine vanilla mousse
Dinner: Mexican Rice casserole from Briana's cookbook. Beans and veggies.


B: Sausage, egg and cheese sandwich
Lunch: leftovers
Snack: See Monday
Dinner: Lentil soup for the Soul

I hope this helps everyone!

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iTrackBites-I know THM isn't about tracking but I am loving using iTrackBites to make sure I am eating enough to fuel my day. Points, calories, or macros, it's all there!