Meal Plan 2/11-2/17

Hello again!

This may not be a perfect week for me. Not that any week lately has been perfect for me. I have been mostly off plan most of this past week. The amazing thing about THM is the idea of grace. Just restart in 3 hours.

Remember if you ever want to learn more about THM, the books are an absolute must to understand the entire program. I first checked the books out of the library.

This week my meal plan is:

B: I keep saying that I will change things up but eggs, sausage is my jam right now. I am going to attempt to  make them lighter like how one recipe in THT or THC talks about eggwhites and whole eggs. Also need to add veggies! I might even try an okra challenge. I have week and a half to make a difference in my weight before my next appointment.  Although I really do need to make Brian'a baked oatmeal I always talk about! Most likely this meal with be a S or XO for me.

By the way, boost juice in the morning can help any nausea. So definitely try it if you are struggling in the mornings.

I won't repeat this meal for the rest of the plan. Like I say when I post on the THM boards and on this blog: keep it simple. Pick a mainstay of two choices and just do it! Keep it super simple.

Lunch: Leftovers or something simple like pizza sandwich from Trim Healthy Table. Also remember your good old standbys that I have mentioned in other blog posts. These will always do you well when you have no leftovers and just have a bit of a brain fry going on!

Dinner: Briana's best meatballs from the cookbook, Necessary Food. This would be an S or low carb meal.

Pork chops, off plan stuffing for everyone not on THM in the house, and veggies. S/low carb meal.

I will probably go off plan for chocolate covered strawberries.  I know I could make them with skinny chocolate but no space in the fridge. Plus lazy and craving.

Low carb burger bombs or meat loaf. Did I mention I found a great deal on angus beef?  All the ground meat this week!

Lentil Soup

Poor Man's steak with gravy from the Briana cookbook. Or something in THT with ground beef. I really changed my plan as soon as I found this amazing deal on meat. I rarely get so much ground beef.  I got 6 lbs of it and am willing to use those recipes that ask for 2 lbs.

FP tenderloin with mushroom gravy and off plan stuffing for non-THMers, veggies, mashed potatoes.

Chicken fried double rice. My green onions have finally grown tall enough to use it for CFDR. This would be low fat or a carb based meal.

As of this moment, I am starting to feel so much better.  I am hoping I can stay healthy this time. Also hoping my kids will too. My goal is to do the workins or barre 5 times this week (I don't think they recommend workins 5 times a week but the other times it would be barre). Another goal is to walk 5-8 miles using DVDs, hula hoop or dance.  I am charging my fitbit with my new fitbit charger and am hoping this will help me be more active.

I have switched my iTrackBites to calories and macros and will start tracking those. Unfortunately, I will need to create all new recipes. I think this would help me make better choices and really understand why I am not losing much or just staying the same. My goal this week is to mostly be 90% plan! I can do this. You can do this! Let's do this together!

Have a great day!


Suzanne Bowen Fitness-If you know me, you know I love barre! I believe SBF is one of the best streaming platforms for the best price. I love the high quality of the Barreamped DVDs and more.
iTrackBites-I know THM isn't about tracking but I am loving using iTrackBites to make sure I am eating enough to fuel my day. Points, calories, or macros, it's all there!