Meal Plan 3/18-3/24

Do I count on THM?
Hello!  Welcome back!

Last week after I posted, I had a rough weekend and gained about 5 lbs overnight. I have also been working on more E meals. As of today, I am back down to 204 lbs which is pretty good. Most of this week my breakfasts have been baked oatmeal with eggwhites, strawberries, mushrooms, and maybe another carb or lean protein. My lunches have been E leftovers like lentil soup and chicken fried double rice. My E breakfasts packed with protein from egg whites, collagen and maybe another lean protein source has been keeping me full for 2/5-3 hours. Or just good enough. My lentil soup has been filling my belly with some lean chicken breast. I've been ending the night with a FP greek yogurt most nights. This week I have also been doing more coffee trimmies instead of cream/half and half.

This weekend we will have our boys' birthday party. I plan to make scones and jam from Trim Healthy Table. As I was waking up this morning, I was thinking of making a breakfast casserole in the morning so that no one will bother me as I clean/cook get ready for the party. I will try to make a blog post of the THM foods I will have ready for myself.

Baked oatmeal, eggwhites, strawberries, mushrooms, & canadian bacon
This week's meal plan is not as E heavy as it was this past week. So we will see how my weight loss/maintenance works out. I really think that my E breakfasts with plenty of protein has really helped. So I may keep that in mind. Breakfast wise, I am going to find some more easy bake E meals to change things up. I am rather intrigued at the pumpkin chip muffins from Briana's website. There is also a pumpkin oatmeal bake too but I wasn't too impressed by it the last time I made it. Another option could be the THT oatmeal to go muffins. I can add collagen in them to boost them. I know some people pre-prep the trim healthy pancakes but I haven't made them successfully in months! They have been deflating.

I realized this week that my stevia from Kroger is vile compared to THM Stevia. Hate to say it but THM stevia may be worth the price tag. Remember, if you ever want to learn more about THM, the books are an absolute must to understand the entire program. I first checked the books out of the library. They own all the rights to these funny letters and sayings! I am absolutely not a THM coach. I am just a mom that wants to help others! I am absolutely not the best THMer and I have my moments of rebellion (like my splenda coffee on occassion). Rereading the plan book regarding stubborn weight gain may be illuminating for me right now! This is why I am trying to do more E's lately.

This week's sales I will try to shop will be chicken breasts  (1.30 a pound) and pork chops from Sav a Lot and strawberries 2/5 from Kroger. Nothing amazing other than that.

Here is my meal plan this week:


Breakfast-E or S
Either my S breakfast of eggs or an E option like baked oatmeal or oatmeal to go muffins from THT. I really liked having prebaked options and just adding veg and protein as needed for most of this week.

Lunches are always leftovers. I always keep in mind other options when I do not have a leftover ready. Some of my options are: E sandwich, S wrap, veggies/salad, egg drop soup, and ramen. Although I haven't made those salmon patties yet!

Dinner...s (NSI which is another reason I love this cookbook)
Creamy Enchiladas (from Necessary Food), I will make half or more with regular tortillas to save money and low carb ones for me and maybe a leftover for the next day. Plan to pair this with a salad


See Monday for Breakfast and Lunch

Dinner...FP, S, and E options (NSI if I remember right)
Sweet lime taco joes. I believe I will make this an e for me since the E meals have been awesome for me this week.


See Monday for Breakfast and Lunch

Dinner....S (NSI if I remember)
Crockpot buffalo chicken, veggies.


See Monday for Breakfast and Lunch

Dinner...S (NSI)
Pork chops, veggies


See Monday for Breakfast and Lunch

Dinner....Fp, S or E (NSI if I remember)
Deconstructed fajitas with a salad. I will want to make this an E since I will have a lot of S meals this week. Husband will have an S most likely. He loves some avocado! I wish I did.


See Monday for Breakfast and Lunch

Dinner...E, FP, S (if I remember, this is NSI)
Chicken fajita soup. I think this will be an E. Husband likes this one best with a scoop of rice to make it an E. Although when I am doing a mini fuel cycle, it's a great dinner option.


See Monday for Breakfast and Lunch

Dinner...E (NSI without the slurry I may make for it)
Mexican rice casserole, veggies and side of beans. Will make the children's food a XO with cheese on their's. I will probably make a slurry like in Trim Healthy table to give me an E friendly topping of cheese.

This week I plan to continue to use the glow body PT schedule, add some barre or workins, hula hoop and walks. Even though I am almost 20 weeks pregnant, I am feeling so much more fit. I remember a few months postpartum after my first or second and getting out of breath after a few minutes of hooping. I won't have my next appointment till 21 weeks. So hopefully I can get back to 203 by that time although I really wanted to see how the baby was doing. It is what it is. I need to get back to calorie tracking on iTrackbites. Now I must run off and start cleaning for the babys' parties.

Videos I posted this week:
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I hope this helps!

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