THM Meal Plan 4/22-4/28


Welcome back to It is a late post this week due to internet issues at my house. Sick kids meant no running to the library. 

This week so far has been 95% on plan but weekends lately have been tripping me up. So we will see come Monday. The last few days I have had great weigh ins. So maybe I have reached the point in pregnancy that I am eating enough to get in a small deficit. Next week is my next doctor appointment. So we will see how her scales are treating me. I am 5ish weeks away from my GD test. I am worrying a bit.

If you ever want to learn more about THM, the books are an absolute must to understand the entire program. I first checked the books out of the library and bought the Table book. I searched youtube for real testimonies on the plan.   They own all the rights to these funny letters and sayings! I am absolutely not a THM coach. I am just a mom that wants to help others! I am absolutely not the best THMer and I have my moments of rebellion.

Deals this week: Ham at Kroger, eggs through the coupon app, some rebates for fresh bananas and strawberries through iBotta, prego pasta sauce through ibotta rebate app. Nothing crazy amazing that I saw. See below for an ibotta referral! 

Breakfast this past week has been: egg gondolas, Kate's spinach eggs, oatmeal with veggies, and scrambled eggs. Nothing crazy amazing, Just the same old, same old. Like how many ways can I make all the dozens of eggs I have? 

Lunches have been leftovers. When we went out to eat, I had a bunless burger, veggies and salad.

Dinners this week:
Chicken Fried Double Rice (THT) -E, make this into a XO by using an egg

This is some random sausage fry up with veggies my husband eats. I really don't know how it will be, S
Mommy's meatloaf, Briana's website, S
Chili, I don't follow a recipe, E

Chana dal soup, THC, E

Spaghetti, S, not sure if I will use the THT recipe or prego if I can find sugar free
Dirt E Rice, Coers website, E
Adjustment for this Saturday: 
Instead of the FP pork tenderloin, I am getting a ham and making an easter meal with my stepson and family.

Burn the Stern DONE!
Exercise wise I plan to follow the Glow body PT program, add in barre or workins as needed. I really need to increase my walks through the week. I didn't hit my 10 K goal most of this week. I have noticed my hips hurt the days I do. This week, when my internet went out, I was all geared up to do a glow body workout and then, it stopped right before I started. I didn't feel motivated at all after that. It's moments like that is exactly why the girls came out with DVDs, not streaming. I hate getting pumped for a workout and realize my internet or browser is not working for a workout. Would you like to one day see a workins review?

Videos I have released recently:

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Best video to watch before the holidays:

What videos or blogs would you like to see next? I got a few ideas a brewing!

I hope this helps!

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