THM Meal Plan 5/6-5/12


It’s another week and I hope you had a fabulous one. As of writing this blog post, I have been 99% on plan. I feel like I can successfully say that I didn’t gain any weight the entire month of April! AS much as I want to not gain weight this month, I have a feeling it will be much harder. At least today, I have been starved all day. Yet it is snack time and I have no clue what I want to eat! Like the kid's donuts are softly calling my name.
Not worried about the beans!

This week I have been testing my sugars and tracking via iTrackbites. I have learned any rice dishes either spike up my blood sugar like crazy or need to be fully XOs. My other sugars have been fantastic other than that. It still makes me very worried for Tuesday. Either way, I know using Trim Healthy Mama principles I will be able to control my numbers. One thing pregnancy has done for me is to increase my veggies intake and use less frankenfoods in regards to dreamfields at least. I feel really bad when I don't have heaps of veggies in my main meals.

26 weeks- Zero weight gain in April

Deals this week: Kroger has whole fryer chicken for 99 cents a lb (or other types but husband hates those types), boneless pork tenderloin at Kroger, and more cheap strawberries. Sav a Lot has pork ribs and chicken (frozen) on sale.

iBotta deals: Wandering Bear cold brew, butterball turkey products, Good Culture, Prego Sauce, Splenda zero, coconut oil, ghee, Duke's mayo, Cholula, Halo Top, Strawberries, Chobani greek yogurt.  Nothing interesting on app or checkout51.

Breakfast: Lately I have been trying to use up THM pancake syrup and yogurt I had. So I have made big blueberry pancake this week. Although Saturday I plan to make more sourdough pancakes.  So I have been trying to do more E meals. So either E pancakes with veggies or eggs with veggies. I try different types of eggs like the eggs n hash from Trim Healthy Table or Kate's spinach eggs from Briana's blog. Since it's becoming liquid coconut oil season, I have been trying to use that for the metabolism benefits more than ghee.

Lunch: Leftovers. If it's not leftovers, I use my staples like a deli sandwich, egg drop soup, or ramen. Well, my sprouted bread was bad! So I had to use the sourdough which was not what I wanted the day I wanted a grilled cheese sandwich. Didn't grill like I wanted. One day this week, I think I may work on a THM Friendly Kentucky Hot Brown. It's amazingly not a thing already.

Snacks: Butter me up banana bread, coffee, BAM cake, yogurt, mini meat trays, cottage cheese, etc. Lots of options if I feel like eating them up! On the right hand side, here is a random, on the go snack I had. I have gotten a lot of Good Cultures lately due to iBotta rebates.

If you ever want to learn more about THM, the books are an absolute must to understand the entire program. I first checked the books out of the library and bought the Table book. I searched youtube for real testimonies on the plan.   They own all the rights to these funny letters and sayings! I am absolutely not a THM coach. I am just a mom that wants to help others! I am absolutely not the best THMer and I have my moments of rebellion.

Meals this week:

Monday: Pork ribs with veggies, Others will have baked potatoes
Low Carb/NSI

Tuesday: Pork tenderloin, I might make carnitas with this. I haven’t decided yet. So either Pork tenderloin with mushroom gravy or pork carnitas. My husband prefers Mexican, so it could be a hit.
Low carb or will be a mix of low carb/healthy carbs/NSI if you do carnitas. If you do the mushroom gravy you would need xanthan gum

Wednesday: Whole fryer chicken with veggies and maybe potatoes. I am hoping the chicken can stretch for the quesadillas and chana dal soup.
Low Carb/NSI

Thursday: Chana dal soup from THC
Healthy Carbs/NSI-I can find chana dal and nutritional yeast at my local kroger, usually I omit aminos if I don't have it. I know for me, it's a hefty price. I have seen soy sauce used in replacements

Friday: Yellow curry with rice, veggies
Very heavy low carb meal or I might mix it with healthy carbs like rice/NSI

Saturday: Crispy quesadillas (S), beans for the side for the kids, chips/salsa, and veggies.
Low Carb but can be easily changed to a XO with healthy carbs like rice or beans/NSI

Sunday: Taco soup or trim train soup. Mainly I have ground beef I want to use up!
 I am leaning towards low carb/NSI

My goals this week are: continue following the Glow Body Prenatal plan, add in barre and workins as needed. I am also doing a walking challenge. I notice this week I am using a lot of low carb meals. I will be fasting for my appointment on Tuesday. So I am not sure. I know I will be starved and may walk off plan momentarily. I also plan to try to make another attempt at sourdough.

I hope this helps! Sometimes I feel like I am talking to myself here. I've decided to start highlighting the NSI recipes I am using. I mostly try to be NSI for dinners.


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