THM Meal Plan 6/3-6/9


How are you this week? This week I was mostly on plan. Although I have had some frustrating sugar checks this week. I may have to experiment with more S-helpers than I normally do. The holiday messed me up on my taping and exercise schedule and all that. This is my second week with my kid out of school and we are definitely still adjusting. All he wants is sausage and eggs. I also have been struggling with my veggies. I am just so sick of trying to be perfect and have all these veggies. I am exhausted.  I am also going to go back into the nursing book to refresh myself on gestational diabetes/what I call fat burning XOs (versus cheesey XOs). I did try earth milk for the first time and it was okay! It did blend in my Oster blender well! For a few days this was as close to greens as I got.

This week my husband will be starting keto. He does keto in a very unhealthy way. I am also slowly preparing for PlayThink Festival in 12 days. All my dinners will be either S or FP meals. He is so picky and it is harder to have anything nice like a soup.

Breakfast: Since my sugars are acting so wonky, I will be focusing on more S helper or XO meals. So probably not a lot of oatmeal/straight Es like I would typically do. I will probably alternate eggs, unlikely heroes with egg, Kate's eggs, and egg omelette. I will try to add a fruit or slice of bread for my carb source.

Lunches: These will be leftovers. I will test again to see if I can handle pizza sandwich, if I don't have leftovers. I guess I could make it a XO with skillet green beans.

Snacks: I still have a ton of yogurt. I really still haven't ate it. I also need to be doing more kefir shakes for sure! Maybe some S yuck yums?

Deals of the week: I was in the big town. So I hit up Meijers for their 99 cent eggs. Other than that, I plan to get a fryer chicken, bacon, avos, zucchini/yellow squash, grapes, endangered species chocolate from Kroger. Kroger also might have tostitos baked on sale. So I may try that.

Ibotta rebates: JJ protein pack (great purse snack and I am packing it for Playthink), true lemon (I found out strawberry is amazing in GGMS), reddiwhip, Lifeway Kefir, and halotop.

What I got today: Since my ibotta is connected to my kroger card, it takes a bit more to process. Sometimes it misses things like blue plate mayo earlier this week.

Kefir (IR), True lemon was on sale plus rebate, reddiwhip(IR), any item 20 cents, Halotop (IR). Lots of THM things are buy 5 and get some random deal on price like cauliflower rice, True lemon, etc. Chicken drumsticks, fryer chicken, chicken breast, lettuce heads, mushrooms, some fruit, butter, parmesan, heavy whipping cream, etc.

If you ever want to learn more about THM, the books are an absolute must to understand the entire program. I first checked the books out of the library and bought the Table book. I searched youtube for real testimonies on the plan.   They own all the rights to these funny letters and sayings! I am absolutely not a THM coach. I am just a mom that wants to help others! I am absolutely not the best THMer.

Dinner meals:

Fryer Chicken, veggies, maybe a sweet potato for a carb source.

BLTs. There is a BLT recipe in THT. Honestly, just making some bacon throwing it on some lettuce.

taco or trim mac salad. Not really sure which one but it's simple and using some freezer meat I think

Crack Chicken (I think the THM version is called something 104 in the THT but I use a random keto recipe online)

zucchini fritters

Chicken cakes, veggies. Did you know these are amazing on a salad crumbled up? SO GOOD

Sunday:Tuna patties but I will eat the chicken cakes. I hate tuna. Although I really want to make the salmon patties for myself. I can't do that with husband home.

I also have sausage balls on my list. So maybe no tuna patties. There is a sausage balls recipe in the original book. It makes 80 balls. I think I will be using that one. I was using the recipe from Necessary Food but I figure this would be better for Keto Husband.

Exercise wise: My husband switched computers on me and I had to redownload my prenatal Glow Body Calendar. Evidently it was updated with her new videos. So this week has been a mess and I haven't really hit my goals for any of my exercise. I am still active for sure! Just not hitting all my goals with anything. As  I get used to the newer versions of the plan, I will sub any that I don't like/don't work with my body with things that I love like barre and workins.

This weekend there will be an added challenge of the family reunion. I plan to bring some veggies in a bag, a wrap in my bag, some fruits and pray for the best. I think there will be BBQ there like last year. If I have time, I will try to do workins before we leave. I plan to have a heavy XO breakfast that morning. It may not be perfect but it is what it is!

 I recently found out strawberry True Lemon is a great GGMS with powder. I've slowly been gathering items for Playthink. Quest cookies, Amazing grass single serve powders, etc.

I didn't tape any new videos this week. Monday I should have a new weigh in video!


Don't forget that I am teaching two classes at Playthink Fest this year!

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