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What can you expect from this blog?
Crazy ramblings from a prop-crazy girl from Kentucky.  I think my voice is unique in the hooping world because I'm not all gumdrops and roses.  Other than hooping, I may cover random things from my life, other props, crafts, and more.  Although most my posting ratio will be like 60%, 25% prop/flow art based, 10% inspiration, and 5% offtopic.  Maybe?  Sometimes I may post things that inspire me or help me daydream about hooping.  I hope that my little corner on the interwebs will enrich your life in some way.  Hopefully, your insights into my blog will enrich my life. 

How do I contact you, Shannon?
Well, you can use my new email address:

Can I feature your picture, video, or blog entry on my website, blog, paper, zine, whatever?
Sure thing!  As long as you give credit and link back to my blog,