THM Meal plan


This week was pretty decent. I've been having some headaches from lack of carbs. So I have to find my new balance for my 35 weeks of pregnancy. I will also be adding in dates this week which is not on plan. Although some mamas have/will use RX bars for a not exactly on plan choice but it's better than some of the other choices available. When you are a nursing mama, it's easy to only eat S meals out and about. I find it impossible to get a pure E out. Some places like the zoo, it's even harder to get even a good XO. Sometimes those RX bars are life-savers when you feel the icks coming!

I did eat off plan on the fourth. My head was hurting and I was hoping it would help me a bit. Like I said, I need to find a better balance between XOs/shelpers without gaining all the weight. As of this morning I was 210. Monday I was 208 still. Although I am worried the dates will be weight promoting. :(

Breakfast: I don't think I will be making on-plan gravy again. I felt sick the last two days when I ate it. Actually a lot of foods are making me sick. So eggs and kale seem to be my life right now. I am half tempted to see how my body treats oatmeal as a XO though. I miss oatmeal a bit.

Lunch: Lunch is usually leftovers. Although if I feel sick or too full, I have been skipping lunch. So I may start eating Big boy shakes for my lunch if I feel bad. Or deli meat sandwiches. Or even a simple yogurt bowl if I am feeling a bit off.

Snacks: I haven't been eating much in snacks lately. I've been trying my best to get kefir  in some way.   Sometimes that's just throwing sweetener in it and just chugging it. I've also been doing bad with not snacking some days.

Deals: Kroger: ground beef
Sav a Lot: Pork steak and ribs


Mommy's Meatloaf from Briana's blog

Pork steaks

Ribs for me/leftovers for my husband

Spaghetti-I usually just puree some okra lately and add it to sugar free sauce. Mine will be on zoodles. Regular noodles for everyone else

Potsticker patties

Salmon/tuna patties

gumbo, THT, page 89

Exercise wise I have been trying to do the Workins challenge on the Facebook group.  So far I have done 3 days of workins and a "4 mile walk." Either I am super slow or my fitbit is not working right now. It said I only walked 4k steps with my daily activity!  My legs just feel super sore most days. I  even took a rest day the other day because I was just exhausted! As of today, I have 27 more miles to walk before baby! 31 more days till baby. I noticed today after 15 minutes of walking, I start having braxton hicks. I have been doing a lot of gentle fit on the workins. I just don't feel like jumping.

Someone told me this morning that I really should become a THM coach. Like I have said before, that is my dream! One day I hope! I did not tape a video at all this weekend. Much like the last few weeks, I just didn't feel like it. The fatigue has hit me so hard these last few weeks. Exercising and cooking is a massive challenge.


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