~If you are in the Central Kentucky area, I can make you a hoop!  Here are a few examples of my work:
Well, not that purple one.

Depending on the hoop, they can be $15 - $20 (gaffer/deco tape).  I try to have them out within a week of your order.  If it's a color I do not have on hand, it may take longer due to having to order the color.  I love making hoops and spreading hoop love.

Thank you so much and happy hooping!

~Also, if you are in the central Kentucky area, please join the local hooping group, Bluegrass Hoopers.  Stay up to date of what lovely Kentucky things are going on.

~Need a fun Kentucky hooping camp?  Come to Flow Camp 2011!  It's going to be amazing and you can meet me, Shannon!  I know I've seen people coming from Tenessee and other states other than Kentucky!  Who wouldn't love to camp in beautiful Kentucky?